Thriving After A Loss

thriving after loss

You read that headline and think: Whoever wrote that is plain nuts. Thriving after a loss?? Is that even possible? How can someone be expected to thrive when they lose someone they’ve loved dearly? If I’d encountered that headline when my mother’s loss was still fresh, I would’ve had the same reaction. There is a…

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How to Talk to someone who is Dying

hard conversations around death

How to talk to someone who is dying is a dilemma many people are faced with. In my previous post, I addressed the topic of “Anticipatory Grief.” Now meet a woman who is living it. Tersia Burger’s 38-year-old daughter Vicky suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a brittle bone disease, a genetic disorder. She was diagnosed at eighteen…

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Does Journaling Help Grief?

write about your grief

Does journaling help grief? When grief is new, feelings simmer just beneath the surface. This compromises the immune system, leaving you more susceptible to the flu, colds and infections. Research shows that short bursts of emotional writing, say just 15 minutes even for four consecutive days, result in improved immune system performance. What journaling does for…

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5 Common Myths about Grief

5 myths of the grieving

In this post, I discuss the 5 common myths about grief. Celebrating comes to us naturally. Grieving is something we don’t know how to do. And yet, death is an inevitable part of the cycle of life. We will all face it at some point on this earthly journey. As we grapple with the loss of a…

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