Do You Feel Disconnected?

One of the biggest challenges of the pandemic era has been isolation. No watercolor conversations. No meeting friends for an impromptu dinner. No concerts, shows, movies in outdoor venues. And the hardest thing of all: the absence of connection when a loved one died. No caring hugs, comforting conversations, or space-holders to share and process…

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The Real Truth About Marital Intimacy

Intimacy in a marriage deepens when each partner has a deep connection with themselves. When one partner in a marriage awakens as a result of a crisis or spiritual transformation, it oftentimes triggers a transformation in the relationship. A question I get a lot is: How do I honor my soul path and my marriage, especially when my husband doesn’t even…

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We’re all part of the same story

for the sender alex woodard

This book is about a dog named Kona that died. It’s about a singer-songwriter’s jaded, faded dreams. It’s about heartbreak and loss and grief. It’s about the power of a letter. It’s all this and so much more. It’s a slim book that’s heavy with emotion. But to me, the words that contain its core…

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