What Anger Taught Me

What anger taught me is a precious lesson I will carry with me all my life. In my twenties and thirties, anger was my weapon of choice. Growing up with an alcoholic father and a people-pleasing mother, I soon realized that being angry prevented others from taking advantage of me. Anger helped me feel powerful, strong, and…

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How to Deal with Emotional Triggers

a woman leaning her hand against a tree and looking away with a disappointed look on her face.

How to deal with emotional triggers is a post I will revisit for the rest of my life. A couple of weeks ago I was emotionally triggered by a friend who brought home an important lesson. After weeks of consulting our calendars and going back and forth, she and I were finally on the phone.…

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Why A Sunday Lunch Made Me Cry

Why a Sunday lunch made me cry is a good story I’d love to share with you. Last weekend my husband and I were invited to my brother’s house for lunch. This is always a cause for celebration for many reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that my sister-n-law is an amazing…

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How to Talk to someone who is Dying

hard conversations around death

How to talk to someone who is dying is a dilemma many people are faced with. In my previous post, I addressed the topic of “Anticipatory Grief.” Now meet a woman who is living it. Tersia Burger’s 38-year-old daughter Vicky suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a brittle bone disease, a genetic disorder. She was diagnosed at eighteen…

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What Grief Does to You

what grief does to you

What grief does to you cannot be covered in a single post, but this is a start. Our individual experience of grief is as unique as our DNA or fingerprint. While our shared humanity does trigger certain standard responses to the loss of a loved one, not all of us experience every one of them,…

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