The Path to Grief Relief

audrey pellicano

Audrey Pellicano is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist who believes in an all-encompassing approach to healing grief.  In her own words, “…the most relevant training I have had is living life as a widow.” She works with companies and individuals and also takes on speaking engagements. Her book “Widowed Now: Steps to a New Life”…

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What Not to Say to the Grieving

what not to say to the grieving

Grief is awkward for most people. We live in a culture that hides behind pain, flees from it, pushes it down or crowds it out. Nothing brings an avalanche of cliches cascading one’s way like grief does. Poeple become totally tongue-tied the instant they are faced with the bereaved. When Amma (mother) passed away in January 2009,…

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