Mother Wound




Most of the world devotes a day to celebrate her, which makes it even harder because you didn’t get to experience the kind of mother love that makes you feel all warm and gooey inside.

She was angry and abusive
She drank herself into oblivion
She barely noticed you
When she did, nothing about you was right

You want to forgive her, but your wound is real. What you didn’t receive still brings up so much grief.

You don’t allow yourself to feel the anger because you’ve practiced saying She did the best she could.

But that doesn’t make the pain go away either.

There’s an aching hole inside of you.

You tried to be the good girl. You tried to do the right things. You took care of her. You locked away the anger.

Years and years of trying so hard didn’t make it any better. So, you finally decided that she’s too much and put distance between the two of you.

Maybe she’s no longer alive, but the pain of what you didn’t get to have continues to eat away at you.

You often feel overwhelmed because you’re constantly taking care of others
You feel shame, guilt, and a persistent low-grade sadness
You’re constantly looking to others to tell you that you’re enough
You play small and shrink your life so that you don’t upset others
The grief of what might’ve been never goes away.
You want to be in the same room with her—and not have to feel like you’re standing on shards of glass.
You want to do better by your own kids—not feel alarmed when you say or do something that makes you go “I’m turning into my mom!!”
You want to manage visits with her from a place of peace, not utter dread.
You want to feel compassion for her.
You want to make peace before she leaves the planet.
If you’re ready to heal your mother wound, this small group mentoring program is for you.

As a result of this program, you will:

Find grace and compassion in your relationship with her
Have a deeper awareness of why she is who she is
Understand the role of patriarchy in her wounding
Create, communicate, and maintain boundaries to honor you and your mother
Forgive her for what she was unable to give you and forgive yourself for limiting your life because of her
Learn healing practices that will help you re-parent your inner child
Connect with your Divine Mother

Healing your mother wound is a journey. If you’re not ready to forgive her, if you’re still mad at her for what you didn’t receive, this may not be the right time for you to enroll in this program. Honor yourself for exactly where you are. Trust that you will come to a place of readiness to forgive and heal.

What You Receive:
Eight 90-minute weekly sessions on Zoom with me and fellow participants
A portal where you can revisit the recordings so you don’t miss anything
A safe space to share and learn and heal and grow
Meditations, healing practices, rituals to help you reclaim yourself
A small intimate group of other unmothered women that begin to feel like your sisterhood

Week 1:

What were the circumstances in which your Mother Wound was created?

Week 2:

What happened while you were in her womb to break the attachment?

Week 3:

Will I stop rejecting my mother and vowing never to be like her?

Week 4:

What happened in her emotional landscape when you were young?

Week 5:

Why do I repeat her patterns even when I resent it?

Week 6:

How do I forgive my mother and shift the energy between me and her?

Week 7:

How do I give myself what I didn’t receive from her?

Week 8:

Meeting your Divine Mother


All sessions will be 90 minutes long and held on Wednesdays at 11 am EST.

We meet on Zoom on the following dates:

Feb. 22

March 1

March 8

March 15

March 22

March 29

April 5

April 19


ONE payment of USD 800

4 payments of $200


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