Sacred Soul Union Program

SACRED SOUL UNION is a 3-month small-group program.

  • Are you an awakened woman walking a soul path?
  • Are you in a long-term committed marriage/partnership with a partner who doesn't "get" your path, validate, or support you?
  • Are you grieving the loss of connection in your marriage?
  • Do you find yourself wondering: Should I leave? Should I stay? If I choose to stay, how do I navigate this relationship?

You can have a marriage where two people are walking different paths and still experience harmony, peace, deep compassion, love, and respect for each other. Save a spot on the waitlist and you'll be notified when this program is ready for enrollment.

P.S. By joining the waitlist you're only letting me know that you're interested in more information. There is absolutely no commitment from your end.

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