Letting Grief In

4-Week 1:1 Healing Journey

“Walking into Amma’s kitchen knowing I’ll never find her here again is heartbreaking…Now there is silence, the air sterile. I gulp, my sobs rising from a deep place. This is what the beginning of a life without Amma feels like. Standing in her kitchen I stare around me. Every pot and pan has an Amma story etched on it…Her hands wrapped around these glasses and mugs, scrubbed the skillet on which she made hundreds of crisp, golden dosas for Sunday breakfasts. Her DNA is still here. The thought sends a chill through me.”

This passage is from my memoir Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss, And Life’s Detours published in 2014.

Losing my 68-year-old mother eight months after her cancer diagnosis was the shattering of my old life. Broken beyond understanding, I fell into a deep abyss of pain.

I know anger, sadness, guilt, and grief intimately.

I didn’t believe I would ever recover—but I did. Brick by brick I rebuilt my life with fresh understanding of life and death, the meaning of emotions, the purpose of this precious life.

I don’t know what or who you’re grieving. But I know that stripped-down feeling of loss where nothing makes sense, and you barely recognize yourself.

I have sat in that fire with hundreds of women and I’m willing to sit in that space with you.

Every person’s grief is individual to them. There is no magic pill. Only bewilderment and plenty of confusion. Questions swirling around with no answers. And a deep fog that clouds the brain and makes everything blurry.

Together we sit here in the emptiness and discomfort. We breathe. We reflect. We ask questions and we explore possible answers. We listen to the body, and we respond. This is deep, sacred work.

And when we feel done the broken pieces of your life will have rearranged themselves and in that rearrangement you’ll think
differently, wonder, cry, hold yourself with so much compassion and grace. You will have discovered a deep well of empathy inside of you.

Your purpose will arrive in the form of a shimmering image.

You’ll walk away feeling and knowing that there’s nothing wrong with you. You’ll walk beside grief as a lifelong companion. You’ll be more of you than when you first arrived.

What we typically work through:

Narrating the Story of Loss

I bear sacred witness as you speak your story of loss. As you let the words out, your cells begin to breathe again. Sharing the story of loss is a necessary first step in healing. Having a loving witness listen and love you through it is a sacred experience.

Moving through the Emotional Landscape

Over the days you'll have the space and safety to express grief, anger, guilt, and a host of other emotions. Emotions are energy that need release. When blocked they fester and create harm within our body.

Completing what's Incomplete

Forgiveness, grieving what wasn't possible, facing betrayal, and letting go are powerful practices that create lasting peace. Often what isn't completed is what lingers, letting your mind spin loops and robbing your peace.

Making Meaning of Your Loss

Loss is one of life's greatest teachers. Together we open you to the lessons through gentle inquiry, meditation, and soul prompts. This is where the seeds of your next chapter are buried. When you receive them, you have the ability to plant a whole new garden and watch it bloom.

If this speaks to you, I invite you into this container where we begin the journey with 4 weekly sessions.

  • The energy exchange for 4 sessions is $800.
  • If you wish to buy 4 more sessions, you pay $700.
  • If you wish to buy 4 more, you pay $600.
  • You may pay in two installments of $400 or one payment of $800
    (same 2-pay plan applies if you choose to buy more sessions).
  • We meet on Zoom.

If you have a financial challenge, please email me for a reduced rate scholarship.


1. Do you only work with women whose loss is recent and their grief is new?

I work with women at all stages of grief. Maybe your grief is fresh because your loss was recent. Maybe your loss happened ten years ago, you were not able to make any space for your grief, and those suppressed feelings are rising up now like a river in flood.

2. Do you work with all kinds of grief?

The loss that shattered me was the death of my mother in 2008. Through navigating that loss I transformed my pain into purpose. But I’ve sat in session and guided women through various kinds of losses: death of a child / friend / spouse / sibling / grandparent / pet. I’ve also worked with my clients through other kinds of losses: death of an old identity, the grief of transition/relocation, relationship loss, and the grief of generational trauma.

3. What is your approach to this work?

My approach to all the work I do with my clients is deeply spiritual. To me, grief is sacred work. I believe in addressing the human and the divine. I meet you where you are and listen well. We explore questions.
I invite you into reflection and self-inquiry. I use whatever my client needs: working with the breath, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), inner child, journaling, and meditation. Human Design is a very
important system I introduce into my grief healing work. If you’re familiar and/or curious, we can explore together. If you’re not, me having your chart details still helps me work with a deeper layer of your human-divine nature. Depending on the duration of our time together I also introduce aspects of your life’s mission, your soul’s purpose, into
our sessions. To me, nothing is more powerful than letting your loss lead you to your purpose. That has been my journey, and it is the sweet spot in my work with you.

4. I have a question I’d like to share personally. How do I send it
to you?

Email me at uma@umagirish.com and I’ll respond at my earliest availability.

In our session Uma helped me identify that I was struggling with a big guilt issue. She also helped me get clear about how important self-care is to emotional wellness. When we started the session I was feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unfocused. When we finished the session I had more clarity around what was keeping me stuck and how I could move through it.

~ Liz W.

Chicago, Illinois

After my session with Uma, I released most of the stress related to my father's death. I have more energy and am more open to life.

I love the simplicity and effectiveness of your approach. Thank you for your compassion, your willingness to listen and your own example.

You inspire me.

~ Cristina Campofreddo

Novara, Italy

Working with you helped to centre me at the start of anticipatory grief. You helped to centralize and refocus on the things I could actually do so that my focus was on actionable steps rather than getting lost in the understandable intensity that comes with loss and grief. You were deeply empathetic and really great to speak with.

~ Hannah


When I started working with Uma, I was in a pretty uncomfortable place. Things I thought that I had laid to rest were creeping back into my life (like anxiety & dwelling on negative past experiences), and I knew something had to change.

My usual methods provided some relief, but I wanted a deeper transformation – a more significant shift. Uma’s process unfolded harmoniously to lead me out of my suffering and into a place of peace.

I now feel forgiveness and compassion for people towards whom I once had quite a bit of anger, and a sense of empowerment around my ability to create what I want for myself, regardless of challenges and setbacks that I’ve experienced. I am open to the possibilities of the day and feel that I have the capacity to take things as they come.

~ Brigid Dineen