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Each of my courses is designed to help you understand and unlock the sacred power of healing.

Structured as self-paced home study programs, these courses will move you from the heartache of loss to peace, acceptance, and purpose.

Each of my courses is designed to help you understand and unlock the power of conscious healing.

Structured as a self-paced home study program, these courses will move you from the space of pain and heartache to experiencing peace, focus, and empowerment.

grief course

Clear Your Heart for True Healing

Each of the 8 lessons in this course deals with one aspect of what we need to clean up: anger, guilt, fear, forgiveness issues, grief etc.

single leaf

Responding to Grief and Loss

Designed in a Q&A format, the 6 short audio segments in this course deal with the many aspects of loss: Death & Dying, Child Loss, Hospice, Grieving Patterns, Personal Losses etc.

responding to grief mandala
single leaf
grief to gratitude circle

From Grief to Gratitude

A 6-session course that is the journey from grief to gratitude. From setting an intention to understanding energy healing and unlocking your power of compassion and creativity, this self-paced course will be your guide as you heal from deep within.

I can't thank you enough for the course. From the first module, I felt a lovely sense of focus come back into my life. Being reminded to live intentionally was just what I needed. You have helped me regain a sense of my life that I wasn't even aware that I'd lost. 

You have reassured me that we are always provided for and our beautiful lives are continually being revealed. Even through the greatest heartache. Thank you so much.

~ Fay Hart