Welcome to my course library! Each course is designed to help you remove the barriers that stand between you and your authentic being.

Structured as self-paced home study programs, these courses will move you from the heartache of loss to peace, acceptance, and purpose.


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Each of my courses will guide you step-by-step to find the most authentic version of you.

Structured as self-paced home study programs, these courses will move you from the heartache of loss to peace, acceptance, and purpose.

Each of my courses is designed to guide you to consciously heal that parts of you that feel broken and lost.

Structured as a self-paced home study program, these courses will move you from the space of pain and heartache to experiencing peace, focus, and empowerment.

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Soul Flow Sessions

2-hour recorded sessions on a topic related to soul evolution but rooted in how to apply it to practical wisdom in this human life.

Current topics are:

  • Being vs. Doing
  • The Sacred Art of Listening
  • Your Identity: Ego v Soul
  • The Dilemma of Living As A Divine-Human

Sessions are $25 apiece.

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Sacred Anger

This two-hour masterclass will help you understand why anger is the most misunderstood emotion and how you can make it your trusted ally. Women have two typical ways of dealing with anger: either they become experts at "hiding" anger to serve the agenda of the patriarchy, or they become overaggressive as a way to exert their power. It's time we changed our relationship with anger.

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give up guilt

Give Up the Guilt, Grow Through Grace

This six-week course is for you if you are 

  • Exhausted from doing, doing, doing for others, but feel guilty about doing anything for yourself
  • Constantly trying to please everyone in your life, but end up feeling guilty because you dropped the ball on someone
  • Caregiving for a loved one and can’t bear to leave them without feeling bad about it
  • Trying to set boundaries but end up feeling even more guilty
  • Always putting yourself last and feeling out of control
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Healing Your Heart's Unfinished Business

Each of the 8 lessons in this course deals with one aspect of what we need to clean up: anger, guilt, fear, forgiveness issues, grief etc.

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Responding to Grief and Loss

Designed in a Q&A format, the 6 short audio segments in this course deal with the many aspects of loss: Death & Dying, Child Loss, Hospice, Grieving Patterns, Personal Losses etc.

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From Grief to Gratitude

A 6-session course that is the journey from grief to gratitude. From setting an intention to understanding energy healing and unlocking your power of compassion and creativity, this self-paced course will be your guide as you heal from deep within.

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From Sorrow to Serenity: 21 Steps from Grief to Peace

Grieving the death of a loved one? The end of a relationship? The loss of a dream? Are you suffering from emotional overload? In this 21-day challenge, you will take one baby step toward peace every single day. 

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I can't thank you enough for the course. From the first module, I felt a lovely sense of focus come back into my life. Being reminded to live intentionally was just what I needed. You have helped me regain a sense of my life that I wasn't even aware that I'd lost. 

You have reassured me that we are always provided for and our beautiful lives are continually being revealed. Even through the greatest heartache. Thank you so much.

~ Fay Hart