“Do you believe there’s an Afterlife?”

the afterlife

This morning I went to an interview. I was interviewing at the school district to teach a series of Continuing Ed courses. The Director of the Continuing Ed Program was a very nice gentleman…suave, polished, and kind. He asked very good questions, questions I enjoyed responding to because I am passionate about what I teach.…

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Your Grief Story: How are you telling it?

your story of loss

Last weekend I was at a wonderful event organized by Life Matters Media, an initiative dedicated to spreading information, support and resources for all involved in end-of-life decision-making. It was an evening of professional storytelling about end-of-life care. As each of the storytellers — David Boyle, MT Cozzola, Jen Bosworth and Craig Desang — went on…

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How to Help a Grieving Friend (Part 1)

katherine conway

After a deeply moving personal tragedy, Katherine Conway made the decision to turn her pain into helping others heal. The result: Helping Friends Grieve, a community of shared stories of grief and loss. The benefits: connection, healing, service. 1. Can you share with us your personal story of losing your dad and how it altered the…

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