What Is The Mother Wound?

Full length of woman walking on wet sea shore at sunset. Female in sundress is leaving her footprints on sand. Rear view of woman spending strolling on idyllic beach.

What is the Mother Wound? I get this question from many people. A Mother Wound is the unresolved traumas a mother carries which she then passes on to her daughter. A mother wound is often located in the context of patriarchy which views women as less than. Much of the wounding a woman inherits corresponds to her…

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Turning My Pain into Purpose

losing amma

Turning my pain into purpose is the only way I’ve known to transcend the grief of my mother’s loss. I’ve been in Chennai, India, for two weeks now. This is my first trip back home after both my parents went home to their Maker. My mother in January 2009, my father in August 2010. In…

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