What does a Dying Person think of?

soul midwives

What does a dying person think of? What if this is the first time they think about the presence of a Higher Power and their connection to it? Who helps them get there? Felicity Warner demystifies this in her book The Soul Midwives’ Handbook: The Holistic & Spiritual Care of the Dying. Anyone who is a…

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Technology and Mourning

help a grieving friend

My conversation with Katherine Conway, founder of Helping Friends Grieve here is about technology and mourning, transitional justice, and reclamation as part of the healing process. 4. You study and work in the field of transitional justice. In traveling the world and working with communities around mourning, memory, memorialization and loss, what are some of…

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Living Out Your Passion

don't wait for tomorrow

Living out your passion is critical to living a life of joy. My daughter’s experience speaks volumes about this truth. When I returned home after my evening walk, my 19-year-old daughter had her nose in her iPhone. Nothing unusual. But my post-walk chatter was greeted with complete silence. This was unusual. As I paused to register…

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