How the Heck Do I Surrender?

A 60-Minute Masterclass


Your life is stressful but you’re doing everything you can to stop stress from running your life.

You meditate.

Your place healing crystals in your spaces.

You listen to uplifting podcasts and watch YouTube videos to amp up your vibration.

You drink celery juice, mostly eat a plant-based diet, and use essential oils.

And yet you can’t seem to stop trying to control your life. 

When the washer breaks down or a large bill shows up, you panic. All the stuff you know about surrender and letting go are gone! Whoosh! Out the window.

Surrender and letting go sound like such lovely concepts in the books you read, but how the heck do you do it??

If this is you, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy this masterclass!

How the heck do I surrender?

is a two-hour masterclass where you’ll learn:

  • Why control feels calming when actually it isn’t
  • The Spiritual ego and its demands
  • What is surrender?
  • How do I let go?
  • How to invite the Divine in
  • How to invite peace into your life by shutting the door on attachment

In this masterclass you’ll work with a specific struggle you’ve been trying to work through and hit a wall. Bring your journal and pen. Light a candle and set an intention before you begin. Then trust that you’ll receive exactly what you need to from this class.

Get immediate access for $55.