Healing Your Mother Wound

Most of the world devotes a day to celebrate her, which makes it even harder because you didn’t get to experience the kind of mother love that makes you feel all warm and gooey inside.

  • She was angry and abusive
  • She drank herself into oblivion
  • She barely noticed you
  • When she did, nothing about you was right

You blame her for not seeing you, withholding love, making you feel unsafe, emotionally blackmailing you, being controlling and dramatic, and putting you under a lot of pressure.

You want to forgive her, but your wound is real. What you didn't receive still brings up so many feelings: anger, sadness, and grief.

You don't allow yourself to feel the anger because you’ve practiced saying She did the best she could.

But that doesn't make the pain go away either.

There's an aching hole inside of you.

You tried to be the good girl. You tried to do the right things. You took care of her. You locked away the anger. 

Years and years of trying so hard didn’t make it any better. So, you finally decided that she’s too much and put distance between the two of you.

Maybe she's no longer alive, but the pain of what you didn't get to have continues to eat away at you.

  • You feel so unworthy.
  • You often feel overwhelmed because you don't know how to set boundaries and you're constantly taking care of others 
  • You feel shame, guilt, and a persistent low-grade sadness
  • You’re constantly looking to others to tell you that you’re enough
  • You play small and shrink your life so that you don’t upset others

The grief of what might've been never goes away.

  • You want to be in the same room with her—and not have to feel like you’re standing on shards of glass.
  • You want to do better by your own kids—not feel alarmed when you say or do something that makes you go “I’m turning into my mom!!” 
  • You want to manage visits with her from a place of peace, not utter dread.
  • You want to be able to speak your truth and know how to put yourself first
  • You want to be able to feel compassion for her.
  • You want to make peace before she leaves the planet.
  • You want to heal your lineage and start living your life trusting that you're enough

If you’re ready to heal your mother wound, this 1:1 mentoring program is for you.

As a result of our work, you will:

  • Know how to take care of the wounded child in YOU
  • Engage in healing somatic practices that calm your body
  • Understand where the flow of love was blocked and why you didn't receive what you deserved
  • Create, communicate, and maintain boundaries that honor you
  • Forgive her for what she was unable to give you and forgive yourself for limiting your life because of her
  • Learn healing practices that help you take your life back so you can stand in your power
  • Call in and connect with your Divine Mother, a source of endless wisdom and love

Healing your mother wound is a journey. If you're not ready to forgive her, if you're still mad at her for what you didn't receive, this may not be the right time for you to enroll in this program. Honor yourself for exactly where you are. Trust that you will come to a place of readiness to forgive and heal.


What You Receive:

  • Six 75-minute sessions on Zoom with me 
  • A safe space to cry, speak your anger out loud, and share your grief with no fear of judgment 
  • Meditations, healing sentences, and somatic practices to help you find your calm and reclaim yourself

What will become clear as you do the work: 

  • What were the circumstances in which my Mother Wound was created? 
  • What happened to break the bond of attachment while I was in her womb?
  • Will I stop rejecting my mother and vowing never to be like her?
  • What happened in her emotional landscape when I was young?
  • Why do I repeat her patterns even when I resent it?
  • How do I forgive my mother and shift the energy between me and her?
  • How do I give myself what I didn't receive from her?



ONE payment of USD 960

3 payments of $320

8 payments of $120

(Scholarships are available as needed)


Frequently Asked Questions

Would this program be right for me given that my mother has passed? We had a very challenging relationship when she was alive, but she's no longer in my life.

This program is right for anyone who has/had a challenging relationship with their mother. If your mother is deceased but you haven't dealt with the grief and pain of what you didn't receive from her, this program will help you find peace in your heart, help you heal what remained unexpressed, and find ways to honor her memory.

The payment plans you offer is still a bit of a stretch for me. Do you offer scholarships?

If you're really keen on doing the work and healing your mother wound but need a scholarship please email me at uma@umagirish.com and I’ll email a form for you to fill out.

I've done a lot of work on healing my mother wound. But I still don't feel healed. Would this program be right for me?

If you've done a lot of healing around this wound, I invite you to get clear on your WHY for wanting to enroll in this program. If you feel that the coaching program you were in didn't serve you or that the practitioner wasn't a good fit for you, reflect upon my program. Ask if it fills a specific need. What you're really looking for. Do you resonate with me and what I share? My advice: do not sign for 1:1 mentoring from a place of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Tune in to your inner guidance and make the decision that best supports your well-being.

What other participants are saying...

I’ve had a veil lifted from my eyes. I now see Mom with awareness and compassion. I’m not dreading the trip I planned to visit Mom but looking forward to it.

~ Carol

Daytona Beach, FL

I feel more in tune with my own needs and setting boundaries. I feel more compassion for myself and my mom and her inabilities.

~ Lisa


At the end of every session, I felt lighter and more peaceful…it really works. I can see the results.

~ Jindriska

Czech Republic

I most appreciate your patience and kindness in guiding us through this challenging topic. I now have a better understanding of how family history impacts me, and I have made further progress in letting go of the hurtful words and actions of my mother.

~ Cheryl

Wilmington, NC

With compassion, humor, and gentle wisdom Uma guided me on a powerful path of healing. Using guided meditation, group discussion, and storytelling Uma put each of us at ease as we untied the knots of past trauma and judgment of self and others. She pointed out the universality of the mother/daughter struggle. For me this was a journey to self acceptance, self love and improved self care. I began to realize that the relationship I always yearned for with my mother was a relationship I can have with myself. In the weeks and months since the course ended I have noticed I laugh more easily and feel more resilient. I highly recommend this program.

~ Radha Devi, RN

Mapleton, Maine

I would recommend you to anyone who is truly ready to do the work. I would recommend you to anyone who needs to be seen and heard and recognized. Your authenticity, lack of judgment, and wealth of knowledge is amazing. Also, I resonate with the fact that you speak to the spiritual aspect of any situation. This is very important to me and I think lacking in other venues I have worked in. Spirituality is a fact of your life, as it is mine, and that made me very comfortable working with you. You speak my language. I would like for the program to be longer….. mostly because I enjoyed it so much. I hope we will work together again sometimes. I very much enjoy your company and your point of view. You are very, very good at what you do.

~ Lee

Las Vegas Nevada

Since taking this program, I have felt more at peace. The biggest change is I am focusing more on opening my own heart and healing and less on my mother. I feel calmer, have more energy and am setting boundaries in every area of my life while also not having expectations of others. You are clearly a healer just by the type of people you attract in your program. You create a safe space, and everyone is both part of the group and an individual. That is very empowering and at the same time creates a bond of being understood by the others too – i.e. several of us mentioned feeling like we never belonged.

~ Linda

Arlington Heights, Illinois

Uma, I see your beautiful heart and soul and I trust you. ❤️ Your suggestions of reaching out has been so healing for myself and those I’ve reached out to. Repairing connections and making them even stronger. I would recommend you to anyone who needs to be seen and heard and recognized. Your insights and guidance are what this world needs. the work you do is absolutely beautiful 💜

~ Lacey

Evansville, Indiana