Letting Grief In

A 6-Week Container for the Grieving

“Walking into Amma’s kitchen knowing I’ll never find her here again is heartbreaking…Now there is silence, the air sterile. I gulp, my sobs rising from a deep place. This is what the beginning of a life without Amma feels like. Standing in her kitchen I stare around me. Every pot and pan has an Amma story etched on it…Her hands wrapped around these glasses and mugs, scrubbed the skillet on which she made hundreds of crisp, golden dosas for Sunday breakfasts. Her DNA is still here. The thought sends a chill through me.”

This passage is from my memoir Losing Amma, Finding Home: A Memoir About Love, Loss, And Life’s Detours



In January 2009 my 68-year-old mother died from cancer just eight months after her initial diagnosis. Her death was the shattering of my old life, old identity, old ways of being and doing.

Dropped into the deep abyss of confusion, loss, and pain I had no idea if I’d ever climb out of it and find my way back to something that resembled a life.

I did. Step by baby step. One moment, one day at a time.

I rebuilt a life of meaning and purpose from the ashes of my loss.

I’ve guided hundreds of women broken by all kinds of loss. I’ve sat by the bedsides of the dying. I’ve companioned the elderly who feel the intense grief of loss of relevance, independence, and dignity.



This group is for you if you’re grieving:

  • The loss of a loved one (human or animal)
  • The end of a relationship (romantic, long-term friendship, family member)
  • The death of an identity (new retiree, empty nester)
  • The loss of identity that comes with chronic health stuff
  • A geographic relocation
  • Loss of independence (aging, chronic pain)
  • The changing dynamic within a marriage


The Details:

This group program is limited to 20.
With a view to making it financially accessible I will be offering 3 tiers of pricing: $47, $67, $97.
We will meet for 6 Wednesdays starting October 2.
By joining the waitlist, you get access to early registration.

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In our session Uma helped me identify that I was struggling with a big guilt issue. She also helped me get clear about how important self-care is to emotional wellness. When we started the session I was feeling confused, overwhelmed, and unfocused. When we finished the session I had more clarity around what was keeping me stuck and how I could move through it.

~ Liz W.

Chicago, Illinois

After my session with Uma, I released most of the stress related to my father's death. I have more energy and am more open to life.

I love the simplicity and effectiveness of your approach. Thank you for your compassion, your willingness to listen and your own example.

You inspire me.

~ Cristina Campofreddo

Novara, Italy

Working with you helped to centre me at the start of anticipatory grief. You helped to centralize and refocus on the things I could actually do so that my focus was on actionable steps rather than getting lost in the understandable intensity that comes with loss and grief. You were deeply empathetic and really great to speak with.

~ Hannah


When I started working with Uma, I was in a pretty uncomfortable place. Things I thought that I had laid to rest were creeping back into my life (like anxiety & dwelling on negative past experiences), and I knew something had to change.

My usual methods provided some relief, but I wanted a deeper transformation – a more significant shift. Uma’s process unfolded harmoniously to lead me out of my suffering and into a place of peace.

I now feel forgiveness and compassion for people towards whom I once had quite a bit of anger, and a sense of empowerment around my ability to create what I want for myself, regardless of challenges and setbacks that I’ve experienced. I am open to the possibilities of the day and feel that I have the capacity to take things as they come.

~ Brigid Dineen