From Grief to Gratitude e-Course

A 6-Week Healing Journey


“Why did this happen to me?”

“I hate the way I feel.”

“Will I ever feel normal again?”


I asked all these questions...and I know you're asking them too. 

  • Are you grieving a loss? Maybe someone you love died. Maybe someone ended a relationship. Maybe you're watching someone you love dying and feel helpless. Or you've sent your lat kid off to college and feel the grief of an empty nest. Your life feels purposeless, pointless now.
  • Do you wonder what this life is all about? Why we came here and where we're going? What do we do while we're still here?
  • Did you turn your back on organized religion, but now long for a connection with something divine that you feel runs your life?
  • Do you know at some deep level that the pain you're going through right now is meant to change you in a way that you'll use to serve the world?

Are you feeling...

Overwhelmed by your grief?

Exhausted, empty, and lost?

Like you'll never be happy again because this feels like forever pain?

What if you never had to feel this way?

Imagine what your life would look life if you could:

  • wake up in the morning knowing you're going to be okay?
  • feel happy and positive and enjoy your friends and family
  • stop listening to the "bully" voice in your head and speak to yourself just like you would to a 3-year-old you adore?
  • feel a deep peace inside you even if you haven't figured it all out yet?

This is exactly why I created From Grief to Gratitude, a 6-week easy-to-do home study program to take you from grief to peace.

Grief is overwhelming enough. I didn’t want this course to be one more thing that overwhelms you.

So I created 6 simple lessons: 6 audio recordings (MP3’s) and 6 Study Guides (PDF’s), one per lesson.

Each guide is only 6 pages long. So you can print lesson 1 and read a page or two at a time.

Or you can take the MP3 on a walk with you. Listen in the car. Or right before you go to bed. Listen with an open heart and allow the teaching to speak to you.

“I can't thank you enough for the course.  From the first module, setting an intention, I felt a lovely sense of focus come back into my life.  Being reminded to live intentionally was just what I needed. Thank you for creating a safe framework from which I was able to explore that overwhelming sadness. You have helped me regain a sense of my life that I wasn't even aware that I'd lost.  You have reassured me that we are always provided for and our beautiful lives are continually being revealed. Even through the greatest heartache. Thank you so much.” – Fay Hart, Self-Awareness Teacher, Mexico


Session 1: Setting an Intention

How you will feel:

  • Hopeful and ready to begin your new journey
  • Committed that you're willing to heal from your grief
  • Less overwhelmed and more focused
  • Stronger each day as you change your thinking to being more positive

Session 2: Completing Your Incompletions

How you will feel:

  • More release as you complete what is unfinished
  • Free as you make and keep agreements with yourself and others
  • Calm as you begin to deal with the depths of your grief
  • Connected as you let go of guilt and lack of forgiveness

Session 3: Amp up Good Vibes

How you will feel:

  • Healthier as you make space for what you love
  • Spiritually connected as you become aware of how negative and positive energies affect you
  • Centered as you learn how to balance mental/physical/emotional/spiritual energies
  • Open as you heal your heart chakra

Session 4: Self-Love and Compassion

How you will feel:

  • Loving as you understand the difference between human love and unconditional love
  • Tender as you learn to love yourself
  • Kinder as you accept your grieving self exactly where you are
  • Self-compassion as you understand why you feel the way you do

Session 5: Creativity: Unlocking the Path to Joy

How you will feel:

  • Motivated as you use creativity and inspiration to heal
  • A sense of happiness as you begin to experience real moments of joy
  • Inspired as you channel your grief through creative expression
  • Purposeful as you begin to feel the presence of the divine within you

Session 6: Shape-Shifting your Grief Story

How you will feel:

  • Powerful as you retell your grief story as one of life's lessons
  • Confident as you move from victim to victor
  • Powered by meaning as you shift your pain to purpose
  • Grateful as you shift your story to a meaningful one

“Uma's 7 week class series “From Grief to Gratitude” was absolutely wonderful. She had assembled an enormous treasure trove of resources and ideas for us. Her presentation style was warm and caring. She provided great information, techniques and references to enable us to feel rejuvenated.  She was able to give us exactly what we needed for self-care and restoration as we recuperate following our losses.  As a Life Coach myself so accustomed to helping others, it was great to have this wonderful support and wisdom during my own time of need.  It was most appreciated.” – Yvonne Mitchell, Life, Career and Life Purpose Coach, IL



Your healing is the best gift you can give yourself.

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