The Dilemma of Living as a Divine Human

A Masterclass


Welcome to The Dilemma of Living as a Divine Human!

The Dilemma of Living As A Human-Divine

  1. How do we live this life honoring our personality and our soul?
  2. How do we stop spiritual bypassing and allow ourselves to be human?
  3. What are the 3 things we absolutely must honor in order to live a peaceful divine-human life?

These are the questions I address in this 30-minute video teaching. Here is what the session includes:

  • A grounding meditation
  • Teaching segment
  • 5-minute Soul Reflection prompts for self-awareness

You'll walk away knowing what you need to do next, what needs to change, and how you can bring a fresh perspective to your life.

"I attended my first Soul Flow session and I loved every minute of it.  Uma has great energy and creates a safe and comfortable environment for all her clients to learn from her and each other.  Uma has been my mentor for over 10 months now I have learned so much from her.  She is full of positive energy and wisdom." ~ SP, Vancouver

"Uma's grounding & peaceful presence creates a beautiful space for difficult emotions to be witnessed and acknowledged. Being in her presence has a healing & nurturing energy, giving me a sense of home. A generous room, where it feels safe to express and share. I love the way Uma unites seeming dualities like the spiritual realm of our soul and the realm of the body, this world with all its beauty and pain." ~ MD, Berlin

"I’ve been very connected spiritually in my work and personal life: devoted to daily sacred practice. Somehow I feel a separation between the two and they seem to battle for focus and attention.
I resist the human daily grudge and sometimes get lost in this void.
Uma’s Soul Flow class helped me to find the balance I was looking for. She encouraged me to see both of these elements in a way that merged into one: a divine being having a human experience. In seeing the human emotions and how they help us reach our soul mission, we can grow spiritually. Uma’s gentle approach to guided self-discovery helped me to see this in my own life. Through Uma’s meditative soul questions, I was able to reach a lost part of my early teen years that I’ve been unable to grieve and heal. I am grateful for getting the chance to heal part of me that’s been hidden for almost 40 years."  ~ TH, Berlin

Enjoy the session!