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Healing Ancestral Trauma

Does Guilt Keep You Awake At Night?

GUILT. It’s like lugging a horrible, heavy monster everywhere you go. There’s no relief, no letting up, no days off. It colors everything you think, do, and say. In short, guilt causes so much suffering. And it’s hard not to feel it because it’s built into us. Guilt is our moral compass. It’s a good…

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The One Thing You Must Understand About Complicated Grief

It’s been a few years since your loved one died. Or your ex divorced you. Or your sister cut off all communication with you. But your grief feels fresh, like the event happened last week.  You’re still crying a lot. You’re disinterested in life. You have no hope that things will change. You believe in…

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The No. 1 Reason Why We Don’t Heal

About fifteen years ago, I had a pain in my gut that just refused to go away. It was a case of bad acidity. It kept me from enjoying the foods I loved, and made my gut very sensitive. I tried ignoring it, medicating it, praying about it, and waiting for a miracle. Nothing helped.…

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Why Your Mother Holds the Key to Your Healing

When I was in my teens, I wanted to be nothing like my mother. She stayed home, cooked and cleaned, and kept our family of six together. To me, that life was B-O-R-I-N-G. My mother was also someone who had no ambition to step outside our home to find a job, didn’t care much about…

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