5 Ways to Support Your Loved One Who’s Dying

holding hands to indicate support

I’m often asked the question: “How do I prepare for the death of someone I love?” This is such a great question because we all find ourselves in that situation. And if we haven’t already, there will come a time when we find ourselves in that space. The first thing I’d like to say is…

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Attachment And The Pain Of Loss

I once received a great question from a workshop participant. She was struggling through the loss of a beloved friend. Here’s the question she asked me.  “Should I avoid attachment so that I avoid the pain of loss?” The Buddhist view is that suffering is caused by attachment. They say that the more you attach…

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Is Guilt Bullying You?

several fingers pointing at the word guilty written in red within two red circles

Remember that big bully on the school playground who called you names? Who made you feel small and stupid? Like you could never do anything without making a horrible mistake? Guilt is a bully. It does to you the exact same thing that the playground bully did. It makes you feel small and stupid. It…

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How Your 7 Chakras Help You Heal

The dark outline of a human and the 7 chakras vertically aligned inside the body

People often ask me what the 7 chakras have to do with healing from loss. The 7 chakras are the seven energy centers that direct the flow of energy in our body. Each chakra has a specific color and is associated with a specific organ and impacts its functioning. Blocked chakras lead to blocked energies.…

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A Silent Walk And The Lesson

blue skies with white puffy clouds, green mountains and a curved rocky path

I’m back from my two-week travels to Geneva and Paris. Invited to teach two sessions at the Inspired Writing Retreat, my heart is welling with deep gratitude for the gifts of this experience. To open the retreat, we did a 60-minute Silent Walk along The Way of St. James, a path the Camino de Santiago…

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I Know You Because I Was You

Ten years ago on the 27th of January my mother took her last breath. I was so broken by her loss that I couldn’t see beyond my next breath. Leave alone, fast forward to 2019 and who I have become today. But even through the dark fog I was trapped in, I felt the soft…

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3 Things That Happen When You Let Go of the Past

At the end of 2018 I did something really hard. It was letting go of a piece of my past. On Dec. 31, I said goodbye to the work I’d been doing for the past ten years in senior living. Facilitating Storytelling and Life Enrichment sessions was a fun gig, but something in me knew…

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Frustrated trying to figure out your Life Purpose?

Don’t you wish you knew your life purpose so that you could just get on with it?! Most people I know are trying everything they can to find out what it is they’re supposed to be doing…and feeling frustrated. What they don’t realize is that they’re missing one crucial piece of information. You don’t have…

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Pain into Purpose?

Another year is drawing to a close. When you look back at Jan-Dec. 2018, what do you see? Which parts do you like and wish to carry forward? Which parts do you want to leave behind? Now look to 2019. How do you want to live this year? What do you want for your health,…

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Take care of you, dear one

Today is a hard day for you. You’re fighting the tears. You hate how the table looks. You don’t care about the turkey dinner anymore. Yes. Today is a hard day for you. You’ve probably read the articles. 10 Ways to Grieve During the Holidays. Holiday Grief Activities. How to Cope with Loss During the…

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