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Body and Grief

How Your 7 Chakras Help You Heal

The dark outline of a human and the 7 chakras vertically aligned inside the body

People often ask me what the 7 chakras have to do with healing from loss. The 7 chakras are the seven energy centers that direct the flow of energy in our body. Each chakra has a specific color and is associated with a specific organ and impacts its functioning. Blocked chakras lead to blocked energies.…

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Am I Doing Grief Wrong?

I get this question ALL the time. Many of my clients come to me with this big, scary doubt chewing up their brain: Am I doing grief wrong? And ten times out of ten, my answer is NO. What does “doing grief wrong” look like? Here are some common answers from my clients: I’m crying…

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What Is The Difference Between “Doing” and “Being?”

You’ve probably heard the saying: Stop working so hard. You’re a human being, not a human doing. Sylvia Boorstein, the Buddhist meditation teacher, even wrote a book by the title Don’t Just Do Something, Sit there, a tongue-in-cheek take on what most of us heard as kids: Don’t just sit there; do something. We all know…

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4 Powerful Steps to Deal With Your Fears

Just when you think life can’t get any harder, it does. Someone you love dies. Your boyfriend dumps you. You’re laid off from a job you’ve been working at forever. Or a dear family member is diagnosed with a rare illness. It’s normal to feel fear when you’re faced with any one of the above…

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The 3 Gifts That Loss Brings Us

When my mother’s breath left her body for the last time in 2009, I could barely breathe. I shattered. I dropped deep into the dark well of grief. I could only think of my loss as negative. I didn’t have the insights I have now to think of the blessings that came into my life…

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The No. 1 Reason Why We Don’t Heal

About fifteen years ago, I had a pain in my gut that just refused to go away. It was a case of bad acidity. It kept me from enjoying the foods I loved, and made my gut very sensitive. I tried ignoring it, medicating it, praying about it, and waiting for a miracle. Nothing helped.…

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How Too Much Spirituality Can Hurt You

Recently I worked with a client (we’ll call her Brenda) whose mother was diagnosed with a rare illness. The illness caused limited mobility, episodes of forgetting, and an inability to work at the non-profit, a job she loved. Now Brenda had to do everything from making her meals, driving her to doctor’s appointments and handling…

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Our Top 2 Responses to Pain

In the previous post, I discussed the two types of suffering we humans encounter in our day-to-day life experience. In this post, my intention is to help you understand the two most common ways in which we humans respond to pain: Avoidance and Overwhelm. This is how the Buddha explains it: Avoidance: Touched by that…

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Emotional Decluttering…The Easy Way?

emotional decluttering

If you woke up this morning and went out into the world, you opened yourself up to grief and loss. Stunning statement? Stick with me while I say more. We think of loss as something BIG. Catastrophe. Trauma. Tragedy. And yet our daily lives are littered with small losses — and many times they bring…

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6 Lessons from a Frozen Shoulder

frozen shoulder, lessons

I’ve been dealing with a frozen left shoulder for close to two months. From all the work I do, I know the inner is as important as the outer (sometimes more important). So I’ve been tapping and sweeping and clearing. I’ve worked with a crystal pendulum, rubbed essential oils, and dunked myself in Epsom salt baths.…

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