The Boundary Dilemma

A 75-Minute Masterclass


Your sister wants you to watch her baby. Again. You hear her voice on the phone, and your stomach starts to cramp. But you say yes.

Your friend texts. She wants to meet for coffee. All she does is dump on you. Just seeing her text message drains you. But you say yes.

Your coworker makes a request that you handle one more piece of the project. You’re already overextended and want to say I can’t but your tongue ties itself into knots. So, you say yes.

You’re not alone.

Most people would rather walk down a dangerous dark alley at midnight than disappoint others, say No, or risk disapproval. But a life of constant people-pleasing is a slippery slope that will only lead to you crashing.

Boundaries. It’s a word that terrifies people-pleasers. But a life without boundaries is a life of bitterness and burnout.

If this is you, this Masterclass will give you ideas on how to do life differently—with boundaries.

What you'll learn:

  • Why boundaries are necessary
  • Where you struggle to set boundaries and why
  • What a boundary is and is not
  • Why creating and having boundaries is spiritual
  • How to identify where you need boundaries
  • How boundaries help you create an authentic life
  • Sample scripts for you to start setting boundaries

In this masterclass you’ll work through where and how you need to set boundaries and also have insights into why you feel discomfort in boundary-setting.

Settle down with your journal and pen. Light a candle and set an intention before you begin. Then trust that you’ll receive exactly what you need to from this class.