Being vs. Doing

A Masterclass


Welcome to Being vs. Doing!

The world programmed us to do, achieve, and make stuff happen. Soon, we began to equate productivity with worthiness. The harder we work, the more worthy we are. In comparison, Being seems passive, slothful, and unproductive. But when our Doing is intentional and aligned, we create magic with much less effort. The intention and alignment comes through Being. In this session, we will address:

 What is the difference between Being and Doing?

  • Why Doing is easier than Being
  • How do we move from Doing to Being?
  • A Mindfulness Practice: Doing v Being

"I attended my first Soul Flow session and I loved every minute of it.  Uma has great energy and creates a safe and comfortable environment for all her clients to learn from her and each other.  Uma has been my mentor for over 10 months now I have learned so much from her.  She is full of positive energy and wisdom." ~ SP, Vancouver

"Uma's grounding & peaceful presence creates a beautiful space for difficult emotions to be witnessed and acknowledged. Being in her presence has a healing & nurturing energy, giving me a sense of home. A generous room, where it feels safe to express and share. I love the way Uma unites seeming dualities like the spiritual realm of our soul and the realm of the body, this world with all its beauty and pain." ~ MD, Berlin

"You certainly gave me a sense of balance between floating around with the angels and coming down to earth and dealing with day-to-day life." ~ TH, Berlin