From Personality to Soul Consciousness

I guide women like you who are spiritually-oriented and grieving a loss, whether it is the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, the loss of a dream, an empty nest, or a childhood trauma that was never resolved. 


  • have been forever changed by loss 
  • know that there's a deeper meaning to why this thing happened but don't have a clue what it is or how to find it
  • feel called to make a difference
  • want to know your soul purpose
  • live life in a meaningful way
  • want to learn how to connect to your inner wisdom and live by it


I guide women just like you to heal from your loss and find this deeper thing so that you can move through your life with hope, strength, and joy.


Do you:

  • Wish you could just stop trying to control everything and give it all up to the universe?

  • Struggle to understand what your life purpose is?

  • Wonder about the deeper mystery of life: why did I come here, what am I meant to do, what happens when we die, is there an afterlife...?

  • Wish you could break free of the patterns of your past, stop the stress and struggle and know how to listen to your inner guidance?

  • Wonder what the point of it all is?

You can absolutely live a life of purpose, peace, and ease…when you shift from personality to soul consciousness.



  • Waking up each morning knowing that life isn't random and that you have a purpose to share with the world

  • Creating the life your soul wants you to live and enjoying the peace, beauty and love that come from living such a life

  • Understanding the deeper thing your soul came here to create and feeling more empowered

  • Living a life where your health, money, relationships and work all improve dramatically

  • Knowing how to slow down enough that there is more harmony in your day and your life

  • Feeling a deeper connection to yourself, your life, and the Divine

That’s the exact reason I created Awakening Souls, a soulful community to take you from living a stressful, anxiety-ridden life to a life of peace and purpose that your soul desires.


What’s included in Awakening Souls:

  • One 60-minute call each month where I teach on a spiritual topic

  • The opportunity to ask and get your questions answered

  • Access to all calls which will be recorded and stored in the membership access area

  • Interviews with inspiring authors, teachers, and guides will be added on

  • Meditations you can access for different needs

  • A private Facebook group where you can meet and mingle with others who are on a similar journey like you


This is your space to heal, seek, learn, connect with the wisdom of your soul, and grow. For $33 a month, you can learn to stop looking for answers from outside and go within where your peace, passion, and purpose live.

After 12 payments of $33, you'll receive lifetime access to the community--or you can pay for the full year (and the lifetime access) for only $270!

Thank you for your wisdom and kindness in easing my pain.

~ Ana 

Most groups don’t provide the individual attention that you do.

~ Judy

The help that I receive from you makes a real difference in my healing process.

~ Donna

Thank you for your love, support, and bright light. 

~ Kathy

You give so much of yourself…I can’t thank you enough.

~ Julie

Through your wisdom and motivation, I have come a very long way.

~ Terry

May your lovely heart know how special you are and how needed. Bless you and your beautiful gifts and wisdom you offer.

~ Suzanne