• Do you feel like you've tried everything there is to try to heal your grief?
  • Do you still feel stuck in pain?
  • Do you wonder if you'll ever be happy and feel safe again?
  • Do you also feel that there has to be a deeper meaning to all this--but you just don't know what it is or how to find it?

I hear you, because I've been there.

The connection between body, mind, and spirit is critical to healing. And the pathway is in your body.

The 7-Chakra Pathway from Loss to Life Purpose webinar is an excellent starting point on your journey.

The 7-Chakra Pathway from Loss to Life Purpose

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In this 60-minute session you’ll learn:

·         The #1 mistake that keeps you from healing

·         Why cleansing and clearing are the keys to deep-rooted healing

·         How your childhood traumas keep you from living your purpose

·         The 3-Part Healing that will transform your life

·         How trusting your mind is stopping you from discovering your purpose

I want to thank you for the most awesome gift I’ve ever received, and that is giving me my life back and hope for the future.

~ MJ

I cannot thank you enough for your support. It has changed me in ways you’ll never know.

~ KT

My work with you has been so powerful. I’m happy and living my life again.

~ JA