Grief and the Ego Center in Human Design

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Grief and the Ego Center in Human Design helps us understand how we can try to motivate ourselves to “get over” what we’re feeling and use our willpower to push through.

The Ego center (or the Will/Heart center as it’s referred to) is the center of willpower, motivation, self-worth, and the heart to do what wee came here to do.

We all long for a natural sense of self-worth. Those with a defined ego have it.

There’s an aspect of Human Design called our defined and undefined centers. Of the nine geometric shapes in our Human Design chart, some are defined (colored in) and others, undefined (white).

When a center is colored in, we have reliable energy there. It’s our strength. It is how we impact others with our energy and transmit who we are to the world: in the way we think, speak, what we believe, how we behave etc.

When a center is white, we are sensitive to others’ energy. We’re vulnerable to absorbing this energy from others.

We can live from the wisdom or the shadow of a center, whether that center is defined or undefined.

Let’s understand how this works with the ego center.

In Human Design, the Ego center is all about heart, power, and loyalty.

If you have a defined ego center (colored in): In your highest potential, you are tuned into your desires, make promises your heart is in, and balance work and rest.

If you’re grieving and living in the shadow of the ego center:

  • you feel lost in the realm of desires. You may feel disconnected from what you desire because you feel guilty even thinking about what you desire.

  • you over-promise and pressure yourself to follow through. You’re invested in being seen as someone that has it all together so you bite off more than you can chew.

  • you push through and work relentlessly. Wanting to stay away from feeling your difficult feelings, you overcommit and don’t rest enough.

If you’re living in the wisdom of your defined center:

  1. You only make promises your heart is in. If you feel like joining your friend for dinner, you say yes and show up. If that’s not what you feel like doing, you politely decline.

  2. You invest your energy where and when you have the willpower. And then you take some much-needed rest.

  3. You feel an innate sense of worthiness and know you have nothing to prove.

If you have an undefined ego center (white): In your highest potential, you have an innate sense of self-worth, you allow your motivation to come and go without any judgments, and know when to work and when to rest.

If you’re grieving and living in the shadow of this center:

  1. you’re always insecure and trying to overcompensate and prove your value to others.

  2. you depend on external validation to feel worthy.

  3. you often compare yourself to others.

If you’re living in the wisdom of your undefined center:

  1. you recognize the need to prove is never the correct motivation for you.
  2. you are intentional about the promises you make.

  3. you can sense others’ healthy self-esteem.

If you’d like some support in getting to know who you are and how to find your path in life,  you’re welcome to book a Human Design reading with me to understand how your design affects how you express your ego with awareness.

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