7 Truths Human Design Confirmed About Me

A Human Design Bodygraph

When I was introduced to the system in 2018, the 7 truths Human Design confirmed about me felt deeply resonant. As I’ve been living into my experiment for five years, I’m still in awe. How does this system get it so right?!!

#1. I came here to be a teacher/guide. I’ve known this since I was a little girl who held a ruler in one hand and talked to an imaginary classroom of students. I’ve known in the deepest part of my being that guiding people is my gift. Human Design confirms it 100%. I am a Projector and the role of a projector is to guide, advise, and teach. Projectors have the unique gift of seeing deeply into others.

#2. I’m not here to initiate or chase after opportunities. Every business coach prior to Human Design encouraged me to use this as a strategy to find clients and make money. It never worked! As a Projector I’m here to be recognized and invited. People have to be ready to receive what I have to offer and this can only come from a deep recognition of my gifts. When that’s not the case, they ignore my advice and I end up feeling bitter.

#3. My mind is not my decision-maker; my body is. No type in Human Design is meant to turn to the mind for decision-making. But this goes against what we’ve been taught. Think rationally. Use your head. Make up your mind. Instead we’re meant to tap into our body’s infinite wisdom. As a mental projector, I talk things out with a trusted friend/mentor in spaces that feel good to me. This is how I arrive at clarity when I have to make decisions.

#4. I’m here to express and communicate powerfully. In Human Design, our “defined centers” (centers that are colored in on our chart) are our strengths. These are the energies we’re meant to use to express who we are. In my chart, only the mind (ajna) and throat centers are defined. I’m literally here to speak my mind.

#5. My purpose is to lead by listening. This is literally what I do. I create a safe space for my clients and listen deeply. In listening, I lead them to clarity, letting go, a resolution, or the ability to shift perspective. I didn’t even realize I was doing this until every testimonial I received started to reflect it: You feel like such a safe space or You listen without any judgment.

#6. I have an active brain. I love studying and note-taking. I am a lifelong learner and can take in information and retain it as long as I consume it in small doses in a calm environment. My brain is buzzing with ideas, concepts, and inspiration all the time.

#7. I work better when I honor my flow. Consistency, structure, and strategy don’t work well for me. What’s correct for me is to let my body lead. As a projector I’m not here to do-do-do. My energy works in ebbs and flows. Also a unique piece of my design lets me know that going with the flow is what works best. Somehow everything gets done when I listen to my body’s natural rhythms. I’m not behind. I’m exactly where I need to be.

The 7 truths Human Design confirmed about me make me trust my purpose and my journey even more deeply.

  • The clients whose Human Design charts I read confirm this too. Their design reveals what they know about themselves but have tried to hide. Instead they turn to their mind so that they can fit into who the world tells them they should be.
  • None of us is meant to look to the mind for our answers or decisions. When I read your chart, I share with you which part of body wisdom is yours to be guided by.
  • Curious to dig into the details of your Human Design? I’d love to sit in session with you.

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