Human Design Strategy? What does it mean?

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If you’ve been asking the question: Human Design Strategy? What does it mean? you’re in the right place.

I want it done yesterday.

How soon can you get it to me?

Time is money, my friend.

Most of us grew up with the conditioning that speed gets results. Speed wins. Speed is sexy.

And everything in the world today caters to speedy living. From quick-cooking oatmeal to fast cash, we thrive on being gratified. Instantly.

The casualty? Patience. No one wants to wait. Waiting is boring. Waiting is slow. Waiting is a waste of time and money.

Human Design turns all this on its head. It celebrates waiting. Four of the five Human Design types have to wait if they want to attract more ease and flow in the areas of work, relationships, romantic partnerships, and parenting.

In my previous post, I explained the 5 energy types in Human Design.

According to Human Design, every energy type—except for Manifestors—must wait if they want to eliminate resistance and create opportunities that feel easy, use their strengths and gifts, and experience deep fulfillment.

Only Manifestors who make up 9% of the population can initiate, start things, get moving. It is correct for them to do so because that is part of their purpose here on earth. The other 91% is best served by waiting.

Human Design calls this our STRATEGY.

Generators and Manifesting Generators must wait to respond.

When something shows up in their world, like a new restaurant around the corner, an invitation to join friends on a trip, or investing in a course, Generators and Manifesting Generators must let their gut lead. If it’s a yes from the gut, they move forward. If it’s no, they would do well to decline.

Projectors must wait to be invited.

Because Projectors are here to be wise guides and advisors, their wisdom must be requested before it can create the impact it does. If they poke their nose and advice/suggest where they’re not invited, they will be dismissed as know-alls and the Projector ‘s valuable guiding energy is wasted.

Reflectors must also wait to be invited and initiated.

Reflectors carry such a wealth of wisdom. Like Projectors their wisdom must be “invited in” so that it is well received. Because Reflectors are highly sensitive to their space, it is wise for them to take time to review an invitation before they say yes. As they wait, they talk their decision out with people they trust in spaces that feel good to them. This gives them clarity to disentangle from others’ opinions and desires and focus on what feels right for them.

Waiting creates space. It brings clarity. It lets you sleep on decisions that could have long-term consequences.

But our culture worships speed. Our systems are built on urgency. It takes a huge effort to go against the system to wait, to slow down, and be intentional in how we live life.

Unlearning what we’ve been taught and finding what works best for our unique energy type is what Human Design calls deconditioning. We recognize how we’ve been programmed and consciously choose to live in a way that is is efficient and benefits our energy. (I’ll write an entire post on deconditioning later as this deserves deeper attention).

Here are some questions to ponder:

  • What do I tell myself when I’m rushing to get things done?
  • Am I willing to try “waiting” as a spiritual practice?
  • Can I trust that I cannot miss my destiny?
  • How can I slow down and practice patience?

Open up a journal page and see what shows up as you start responding to these questions.

Want to know your Human Design strategy? Go here, put in your birth information, and look at Strategy.

I invite you to book a Human Design reading with me.

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