What is Human Design?

Back in 2018, everywhere I turned I heard the words "human design, human design..." I wondered, What is Human Design?? Is this the new thing in town?? 

A series of synchronicities placed me in a mini reading session with a human design mentor. That session blew my mind, it was so accurate. I never looked back after that. I trained to become a human design reader and to this day I'm deepening my human design studies.

But, what exactly is Human Design?

Let me start by explaining what it is not.

  • It's not a personality test.
  • It's not an astrology chart (although it includes astrology).
  • It's not a belief system.
  • It's not a religion.

What it tells you:

  • how your energy works
  •  how you work best
  • how you experience emotions and deal with stress
  • how you're meant to make decisions that are correct for you
  • how your willpower and motivation work
  • how you learn and process information
  • how you're inspired

... and so much more!

We've all heard how we're meant to be different but what does that actually look like? 

What I love about HD is that it combines ancient wisdom with modern sciences. It is a wonderful blend of astrology, the iChing, Kabbalah, chakra system, quantum physics and genetic coding.

This is not a system that gives you all the answers; what it gives you is awareness.

Awareness about who you came here to be and how that was conditioned out of you so that you became who the world told you to be. This is why it is an experiment.

The more you live your design, the deeper you live into who you really are.

I also love that it is a system that addresses the human AND divine aspects of us. It lets us know how we're meant to work, be in relationship with others, find our sense of identity and love, and where our challenges are. It also points to our gifts, consistent strengths, and the purpose we're here to live.

My reading back in 2018 has completely transformed the way I love, work, do friendships, and engage with the world. If you're curious, I invite you to book a reading with me.

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