My Top 5 Values in 2023

My top 5 values in 2023 is my attempt to review what matters to me going into a new year.

As a year draws to a close, it feels important to ask myself: What needs to stay and what needs to go? Are there new values that want to come in? I spent a lot of time thinking, feeling into, contemplating, and journaling before I knew what my top 5 values are going into 2023.

I’ve been living my Human Design experiment for the past five years. Understanding how I’m uniquely wired has helped me get a clear sense of what my “values” are.

Values serve as my inner compass. They let me know how I wish to travel on this human-divine journey.

I weigh all big decisions against my values. If an opportunity doesn’t align with my values, it’s a No for me.

Recently I turned down a potentially BIG invitation to teach because it would’ve required me to compromise at least 3 of my top five values.

Some of my values shift with the seasonal changes that show up in my life. Others become integrated, making way for new values to emerge.

After my year-end review, these are the values I’m carrying into 2023.

  • Spaciousness
  • Simplicity
  • Freedom
  • Nurturance
  • Self-expression

Spaciousness: I love a spacious morning to set my day up. I like to pause and breathe and center between client sessions. I limit the number of clients I serve because spaciousness is an important value. I value spaciousness in my friendships too. Do I have the spaciousness I need when we have conversations? Do I have the space to be me? Am I welcome? Is my wisdom valued?

Simplicity: More and more, I've come to value a simple life. Simplicity in the way I live, travel, eat, what I choose to read, regular closet clearing sessions, and purchase decisions. I want to travel light into my elder years and the time to begin practicing is NOW.

Freedom: Time freedom is so important to make the two values above a reality. Freedom to work on my schedule, freedoms to create, to teach and inspire. Freedom to BE. I value my freedoms and trust they will guide me toward the life I wish to create every day.

Nurturance: As a Projector I realize how important nurturing myself has to be a priority. If I'm drained, I have nothing to give. And I have plenty to give. So I put in place caring, nurturing rituals that support my wellness. Clean, healthy foods. Nature walks. Massages. Candles and crystals.

Self-Expression: All my astrology, Human Design and everything in between screams that I'm here to self-express. It's a BIG part of my purpose (why I've written 4 books already!!) I'm at my best when I'm writing, teaching, creating, inspiring. And I must make that a part of how I show up every day.

What are some values that are dear to you?

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