I Can’t Do This Life Alone

I need my soul community to grow with.

I Can't Do This Life Alone

Every day, some new crisis erupts in our world. As a deeply sensitive human, it feels like my heart is being ripped apart, over and over again. I know you feel things deeply too, so I imagine it's the same for you. You're doing everything right. You try not to watch the news. You stay away from news articles. You tiptoe around your social media feed like it's a digital landmine.

What are we to do?

How are we to live?

There seems to be no respite--unless we crawl into a cave or hide under a rock, far away from human civilization.

You and I know that's not a reasonable option. We have partners and adult children and grandkids and siblings and parents. There's no running away from life.

I feel the desire to root deeper into a sacred soul community--and share and explore and reflect upon the brutal beauty of this life.

I took this desire into a dialogue with the Divine. And my Soul spoke up. She said: Create that community.

You know I offer two intimate group programs: Soul Purpose Sisterhood (6 months) and Sacred Soul Union (3 months).

I now feel the soul nudge to offer an affordable way for you to come together with me in sacred soul community--if that's what your soul craves too.

I'm calling this new offering SOUL FLOW.

Starting September 2021, I will offer two Spiritual Teaching sessions via Zoom every month. This will be a combination of mystical truths about the nature of our soul and the practical wisdom we need to live this human life with peace and joy.

  • Each session will be 2 hours long.
  • Each session costs $50. You can buy one or both. It's up to you.
  • There's no membership area, plan, or fee. If the topic(s) of the month stir something in you, simply pay up, sign up, and show up.
  • The call timings will change from month to month to make it possible for folks in different time zones to attend live.
  • If you pay and are unable to attend for whatever reason, you'll receive a recording.

P.S. All the juicy details about the September calls are coming in my next newsletter (Sept. 2), so be sure to watch your inbox for that. Check your spam folder too, just in case it lands there.

As always, if you have any questions about any of this, simply email me and I'll respond to you.


Sending you big end-of-summer love,


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