Different Paths: I Wish I’d Known This

It is possible for a marriage to work when two people are walking different paths.

different paths

Back in 2009, after my mother died, I took the fork in the road. I couldn't go back to living the life I used to live. I was questioning everything about the way I'd lived up to that point. I could no longer ignore my soul's whispers. But as I started walking this path, I realized something very quickly. I had to walk it alone. 


My Bible in those days was The Tibetan Book of Living and DyingIt was the only book that answered the questions rattling inside my brain.

What happens when we die? Is it The End? Or do we come back? How are we meant to live while we're still here?

I was smitten with Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth and devoured it hungrily. I became fascinated with the afterlife and all things angels. I embraced chakra healing and started a meditation practice.

There was one problem. My husband no longer recognized who I had become.

His wife, someone he'd known intimately for eighteen years, had turned into a stranger almost overnight. He had a demanding corporate job. There were bills to pay. A mortgage on our town home. A high schooler getting ready to go to college. Those were his concerns. He, understandably, didn't have time for mine.

When two people walk different paths, you stop and wonder: Can we still make this marriage work?

I didn't know the answer back then. There was self-doubt, plenty of guilt, and a truckload of confusion.

But I do know the answer now. My husband and I have lived twelve years past that year of confusion. In fact, we celebrated our thirtieth anniversary in May this year.

It took a whole journey to get here, but we did it. It is absolutely possible to live a life of peace, love, and mutual respect when two people embrace wildly different paths.

I know there are many women out there in exactly this situation. Maybe YOU are one of them. This is why I am committed to sharing this journey with you...and am inviting you to walk it in community.

SACRED SOUL UNION, my 3-month program is an intimate circle, a small-group program where you get to look at your soul path and your marriage.

I'm opening up enrollment in July (we begin round two in August) and I'd love to see you in it. I wish someone had taken me by the hand and showed me how to navigate this lonely and painful journey. It's not an easy path to walk alone and I don't want you to walk it alone.

With the caring support of an intimate circle, we share stories we wouldn't share with anyone else. There is comfort because every woman in the circle is living some version of your life.

This is your last chance to join the waitlist. By signing up (no commitment) you're simply letting me know that you're interested in more information when I open enrollment on July 6.

To keep the group intimate, I only invite 4-5 women into it. Because your stories matter. You need to feel seen and heard.

If you get on the waitlist, you get the first opportunity to enroll in the program. 


Sending you big hugs!


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