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four corners wellness summit


If you're in my community, I think we share a love of learning. Podcasts and virtual summits are my favorite go-to sources for new learning. I was invited to be a Featured Speaker on the Four Corners Wellness Summit alongside 15 other experts who will address the four corners of wellness: Mind, Body, Spirit, Emotions.

I love the idea of 16 experts from a variety of fields coming together to pool their wisdom and experience to heal humanity.

My presentation is titled The Journey From Pain to Purpose and I share my story of loss, the one that triggered my transformation. The core teaching in my presentation is how loss changes the landscape of our lives and forces us to come face-to-face with how we want to live NOW.

Here are some of the topics being addressed in the summit:

  • How to deepen your relationship with the animals in your life
  • Healing energy through the fascia
  • Healing anxiety and cultivating a healthy gut
  • How to develop the health of a child's developing aura
  • Harnessing the energy of your breath
  • How nature communicates synchronicity
  • How raising our frequency can help us feel deep peace and heighten intuitive abilities

Psychologists, energy helpers, nutritionists, and mediums share the stage to bring this information to you.

For a full description and summit details, click the link below.

Four Corners Wellness Summit

Sending you big hugs!


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