Spring and New Beginnings

My favorite season is here!

violet flowers with green leave ion a concreate walkway, the bottom of a green door in the upper right corner

Spring has always been my favorite season. Something about nature waking up from her deep slumber and wearing her miracle colors always revitalizes me. It reminds me that I too have a purpose...to create transformation and healing on the planet.


I took this picture on my nature walk today (If you'd like to see more of my pictures and videos, find me on Instagram @umamentor). Sunshine pooled in plenty. Lush green soothed my eyes everywhere I turned. And flowers of every color, shape, and size greeted me.

When I returned home, I started to ponder the themes of birth and rebirth that nature goes through every new season.

It trusts that the leaves and flowers will come again, that the colors will be just as gorgeous as last year, and simply shows up to produce it every spring.

That raised a question: Why are we so uncomfortable with our rebirth?

Why do we struggle to let go of what was, so that what wants to come in has the opportunity to do so?

A big piece of that is that some of us are too attached to the narrative of the past. The story of the family we were born into and struggled with; what we didn't receive; what we missed out on.

We struggle to let go of the beliefs and stories of our past, no matter how painful. That's because we've lived there, they're familiar, even if they're unpleasant and cause pain.

Over time, past pain that is familiar feels safer than an unknown future.

Staying attached to the trauma narrative stops us from letting go. And the letting go is so necessary for new life to come in --  as nature teaches us so beautifully.

She sheds and detaches from the life she's fully grown into, falls into a deep slumber, then awakens and open to a season of brand-new birth.

We have a human mind that chatters and convinces us that anything unknown is a risky place, that we could trip and fall, and it could be the worse thing that happens to us.

But the wisdom of the Aquarian Age is about finding the courage to step into our new beginnings. In order to do that, we have to let go of old stories.

Can you take one teeny step into the future that's calling to you? What's possible if you say yes?

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Sending you big hugs!


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