My Pisces New Moon Ritual

Take a peek into how I set intentions with the energy of a new moon

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I'll be the first to admit that I'm rather inconsistent with my moon rituals, but when I do them, I feel very connected to myself and the divine energy in the space. This ritual was dedicated to the women in my upcoming group program SACRED SOUL UNION.



I was very intentional about this new moon ritual because it wasn't just about me.

It was about the women who are saying yes and stepping into the sacred circle of my soon-to-launch program SACRED SOUL UNION.

This is how I set about doing the ritual:

1. I created sacred space. That simply means I chose where I was doing the ritual (my work space) and imbued the space with the highest healing energies by calling in my angels and guides, Archangels, the Divine Mother, and ancestors.

2. I invoked sacred light. I chose and lit a candle to call in the light, to connect to it, and also connect to the light within me.

3. I brought in sacred sound. I chose a Devi mantra for the session and allowed sacred sound to fill the space.

4I pulled cards. After some intentional breathing and meditation, I asked for messages to guide the direction of my program.

5. I wrote down my intentions. I use flashcards to write my intentions and have now placed them on my altar.

6. I called in the sacred circle. I thanked the women who have already said yes to the program, and invited the ones who are feeling called to step into it. I made a promise to the Divine Mother that I would bring the names of all the participants to her shrine for a special blessing.



Here’s what I visualize inside the circle:


Women who are fully committed to healing their marital relationship and step into their soul path.


Faces that reflect anticipation, joy, eagerness to learn, grow, expand.


Soul sisters who feel safe and held in my beautiful and intimate container giving voice to the stories they’ve kept hidden in their hearts.


Soul expansion, breakthroughs, clarity on how to honor and speak their truth with compassion and grace.


Deep compassion for their spouse walking their lane, and renewed trust and understanding in the marriage.


Courage to commit to their spiritual life and soul path, fully embracing the truth that their soul-role in this incarnation is to walk beside someone who doesn’t understand their journey right now.

My heart is so grateful to the Divine for calling me to be the conduit for this program. All the heartache, loneliness, empty spaces, and tears have created something so rich and powerful.

If there's any part of you that's feeling called to step inside my sacred circle, you have until March 21, Sunday (today) to choose to be with us.

Click this link to register for the program.

I'd love to see you there!


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