Is Sacred Soul Union for me?

If this is the question on your heart, read on.

Sacred Soul Union Registration is Open

When I'm considering enrolling in a program, it helps me to have all the information I need to make the decision that's correct for me. I want you to have all the information you need so you can check in with your internal guidance and make the right decision.

Who is Sacred Soul Union for?

You identify as a woman who has experienced an awakening / internal transformation that is calling you to live a more soul-directed life. But you're in a long-term marriage and your husband doesn't understand your journey and does not validate or support this path.

This has created disconnection and disengagement in your relationship. Your husband doesn't recognize who you've become; your guilt is keeping you from fully showing up for your soul work; and, you hate the secret resentment you feel towards your husband for his lack of understanding.

SACRED SOUL UNION is a 3-month group program on Zoom.

How You Carry the Pain

  • You hate not being your authentic self.
  • You miss the shared intimacy in your marriage: the talks, the walks, the special experiences.
  • You secretly yearn for your husband to be interested in the things you're interested in.
  • You're hiding and playing small because you feel like you have to apologize for who you are.
  • You just wish he'd notice what a noble path you're walking and be supportive of it.
  • You grieve the loss of the marriage you thought you'd have.
  • You wonder if you'll ever be able to bring your dreams to life.

I see you. Because I was you.

I speak to you from the other side of that experience now. I committed to my soul, even though it meant saying to my husband: I'm sorry you don't understand, but I have to do this.

Step by tiny step, I made it to where I stand today. Yes, it wasn't pretty or easy. There were hard days of intense loneliness, lots of tears, and shared silences.

Here's the realization that turned everything around for me: HE WAS NOT THE PROBLEM. I WAS.

As a result of my commitment to walk my soul path AND heal my marriage, here are a few things I've managed to make happen:

  • I've hosted, and been invited to teach at, international retreats.
  • I've published three books (two of them by Hay House).
  • I've mentored women all over the world.
  • I've been invited to speak at top-notch summits.

And our marriage is in a healthy, happy, and harmonious place now.

I dream of this for you. I want you to be able to live your passions and walk hand-in-hand with your man.

I want to use my pain to help you heal and transform your relationship with your soul and your partner.

Watch my Facebook Live where I explain the program below.

Read all the program details by following this link. If you're still unsure and have questions, email me at

My intention is to guide you to the decision that feels right for you.

Sending you big hugs!


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