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BEFORE: I had to go through five difficult emotions in the context of my marriage as I made a commitment to follow my soul's calling. Anger, fear, grief, loneliness, and guilt.

AFTER: There is so much healing, harmony, and happiness in our marriage today. The problem was not my husband; it was ME.

In the early days, I was angry that my husband just didn't "get" how important this transformation was to me. I blamed him. I blamed my mother for dying; and, God for "calling" me to the work I was feeling guided to do.

I was afraid that it wouldn't work out. That I'd fail at it and give my husband a chance to say I told you.

I was in so much grief because the vision I had for our marriage wasn't coming together. We'd talked about holding hands when we were old. But now that I'd taken the fork in the road, I felt like he didn't even know who I was anymore.

I also felt lonely because our interests were so different now. I didn't watch to watch action movies; he clearly didn't want to discuss Eckhart Tolle's work.

And guilt consumed me. Our daughter was getting ready to go to college. What kind of a mother was I, not even looking for an opportunity to bring home a second income??!

(If you follow me on Instagram--my handle is @umamentor-- I've done live videos explaining my transformational arc)

But all those emotions were necessary for me to get to where I stand today.

  • I had to learn how to speak my truth and walk my path.
  • I had to stop expecting my husband to validate my path.
  • I had to feel the pain of our parallel existences.
  • I had to trust that the universe had my back and would guide me.

I know with absolute certainty now that the only reason I went through this season of life was so I could guide you -- if you're in a similar season.

  1. Do you feel guilty for wanting to walk your soul path?
  2. Do you feel lonely in your marriage walking this path all alone?
  3. Do you grieve the loss of a shared vision in your partnership?
  4. Are you secretly resentful of your husband for not being more approving and supportive?

Here are some thoughts women like you have shared with me:

  • I wish he'd be more interested in spiritual matters.
  • I wish we could end our days by sharing what we're both grateful for, but boy! I can't even think of bringing this stuff up.
  • I wish we could talk about spiritual books and watch documentaries.

I see you. I feel your heart because I've been there.

It's exactly why I long to sit in sacred circle with you and share stories. Stories of losses and dreams and visions that have changed us deep inside.

I long to share my story of how I got to harmony and happiness in our marriage and what I used to get there. You're not gojng to believe me when I say my husband even asked: Can you guide me through a meditation, please? Whaat??!

If you're struggling and lonely, let me calm your heart and share that you don't have to stay there. You CAN turn things around for you. And here's the best part. When you embody your path with authenticity and courage, your partner can't help but notice.

This is why I created Sacred Soul Union, a 3-month group program for awakened women in long-term marriages whose spouse doesn't "get" their path and doesn't even like it.

Read all about it by clicking the orange button below. If you have any questions, please email me at and I'd be happy to serve you.

Sending you big hugs!


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