3 Magical Lessons Moon Mother Taught Me

This week is the first Full Moon of 2021 and it is in the sign of Leo.

image of the almost full moon in a blue sky

Photo by Marcus Dall Col on Unsplash

Although I was born and raised in India, I was never a fan of astrology. It felt too complex and rule-oriented. I like simple, easy, and fun. In recent years, however, I've gotten more curious and now dabble in astrology to some extent. The Moon is my favorite part of astrology.

What got me curious was my North Node. My NN is in the sign of Cancer which is ruled by the moon.

Why NN? Well, turns out that your NN is all about your soul purpose. So my NN in Cancer means this. I came into this incarnation for the purpose of teaching about emotions, to learn to be fluid as water, and to embody divine feminine energies.

Surprise, surprise!

I've been doing exactly this, not knowing a thing about my North Node. Connecting the dots backwards, it makes complete sense. So, of course, now I'm paying attention.

I still have a long way to go in terms of knowing my astrology, but like anything else, I consume it in tiny doses.

This week being the first Full Moon of 2021 in Leo (my Sun sign), I thought about what Moon Mother has taught me.

Here are her 3 precious lessons.

1. Learn to BE with the darkThe moon waxes and wanes in a dark sky. When she's full (as she will be today), she lights up the night sky. But then she gets smaller and smaller and smaller until there's nothing but the midnight sky. Everything grows in the dark, she seems to say. So be patient with the dark seasons in your life. The light WILL arrive when it's time. Can we learn to sit in the dark and know that light will eventually come?

2. Everything in life is cyclical. She is comfortable with the cycles of emptiness and fullness. She trusts that the emptiness will lead to fullness, and that a cycle of fullness will be followed by emptiness. She inhabits both cycles with equal grace. Can we be at peace and trust that the empty space we inhabit will lead to a season of fullness?

3. Make friends with your emotions. Her watery nature reminds us to be at ease with the fluidity of our emotional states. To know that our feminine bodies are made up of water, that the tides influence our emotionality. Can we be patient with our emotions and grow a space in our hearts that's large enough to contain them all?

Here's a simple release ritual:

1. Think about what you wish to release.

2. Write it all down in ink on a sheet of paper.

3. Tear up the paper into bits and put them in a bowl of water, allowing the ink lettering to dissolve.

4. Pour the water in your backyard with a release prayer you feel guided to say.

As we step into a New Moon phase, reflect on the seeds you wish to plant in this season.

  • Is there a creative project you wish to start?
  • Do you want to begin an exercise routine?
  • Are you feeling called to eat healthy?
  • Are there certain habits/behaviors you wish to let go of?

Sending you some full moon love!


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