A Year of Purpose is Calling

Make 2021 the year where you create meaning and purpose

As we all step into 2021, I wish for you more peace, harmony, and hope. 

2020 taught us the very difficult lesson of getting comfortable with uncertainty. We're still navigating that space.

If there's one thing that got me out of bed all of last year, it was serving my soul purpose. I realized how crucial a life of meaning becomes when everything else in life looks unpredictable.

Waking up each morning with the intention of bringing a ray of light into your lives pulled me forward. I am now more focused than ever to support as many women as I can who are ready to "receive" their purpose through the pain of loss.

A new season of purpose is calling to me. I'll share more details as I'm ready to. For now, I am in the space of receiving divine guidance as the puzzle pieces are being handed to me. Suffice to say, this is something I could never have visioned. It's going to be powerful, sacred, transformational work.

There's no time to waste. The world needs everyone to wake up. If not now, when? What are you waiting for?

So tell me, because I really want to know.

What is your heart asking of you? Where are you feeling the pull? What is your WORD or VISION for this year? 

Comment below or message me and let me know.

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Let's make 2021 our best year yet!

All my love,


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