May 2021 Bless You In All Ways

As I'm writing my last 2020 missive to you, I thank you for being a part of my community. If you've bought any of my products/services, thank you. If you've attended a free class I taught, thank you. If you've shifted something in your life because of something I shared, thank you. You help me live my purpose every single day.


2021 is calling to me in a whole new way. And 2020 is inviting me to shed many skins as I move through these last days of the year. I've done some hard letting-go.

I let go of a mastermind group I've been in for 2 years.

I let go of a membership I've been in for 2 years.

I've let go of my 600-member Facebook Group, one that I've facilitated for nearly 3 years.

I've had a real but necessary conversation with two of my dearest friends about letting go of a vision we created a few years ago -- because my heart is no longer in it.


Why, Uma, you may ask.


Because every new rebirth requires us to die to our old self.


We create relationships, dreams, and projects. But we can't hold on to them from a place of fearful attachment when they've given us what they came here to give us. In order to grow into a new version of you, your old selves must die.

I am no longer who I used to be two years ago. As someone who teaches about the importance of following your passions and living by your soul's directives, I have to live by my own truths.

It was my personal experience of loss that brought me to this work almost 12 years ago. Today, I am much more passionate about soul purpose than I am about conversations around loss and grief. I will still weave these elements into my work, but they will no longer be the primary focus of my work.


I want to guide and mentor women who are ready to receive my light, wisdom, and truth to live their most soulful lives.


I know that's not for everyone. So if you've learned what you came here to learn from me and are complete, I wish you well and send you off with a warm blessing.

If you're eager to learn about, and live a soul-directed life, this space is for you. You're ready to use your crises, pain, failures, regrets and mistakes to create your most beautiful, authentic life ever.

Enrollment is still open for my January 2021 program. You can read all the details by clicking the link below. If you have any questions at all, please connect with me. I'm happy to respond to you.


Meet Your True Self Group Program


As you get ready to say goodbye to 2020 (which has been a heck of a tough year) and turn toward 2021 with hope, may you walk in beauty, light, and truth.

See you on the other side. Sending you love,


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