How Can You Create A New Life in 2021?

Every time a year ends and a new one is on the horizon, I like to reflect and release. Then I call in what I wish to create. But the "release" is such an important piece, because nothing new can come into a life that's crowded with the old.

I love Gandhi's words to place this in context for you:

Your beliefs create your thoughts.

Your thoughts create your words.

Your words create your actions.

Your actions create your habits.

Your habits create your values.

Your values create your destiny.


To deeply know your beliefs requires a level of truth-telling.


It's hard to do this work alone. I speak from experience. Every time I work with a kind-hearted mentor in a safe space with others who are like me (and make me feel a little less alone), I've made real change and created a life I truly love.

This is why I wish to offer you the same. An eight-week experience. Sitting with me in session alongside a small group of seekers like you.

  • Together, we'll dig in and discover the beliefs that keep you playing safe and small and stuck.
  • We'll look at your relationship with your body. Do you see it as a holy vessel in which your soul travels OR unwanted lumps of cellulite that make you feel desperate and less than?
  • You'll look at the emotions you've been hiding for years, that just want your compassionate care.
  • And finally, you'll learn to lean in and listen to what your soul wants for your life.


If you don't know who you are, you won't know why you came here.


If this invitation lands in your heart, please click this link to learn more and join this group which begins on January 14, 2021. Only a few spots remain.

Meet Your True Self Group Program

If you have any questions at all, please hit REPLY to this email. I'm happy to respond to you.

Sending you love,


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