My Heart is So Thankful for YOU!

My Heart is So Thankful for YOU!

This year's Thanksgiving feels truly different and truly special all at the same time. We are being cautioned to isolate as an act of love toward those we care about. But as so many are struggling with a deadly virus and many lives are lost, let's take a moment to drop into our hearts and count our blessings.

I am so grateful that you're a part of my community. Thank you for being here. It shows me that you care about tending to your soul.

In my eyes, you're a true warrior -- whether or not you feel like one. This year has been so very hard. But somehow you're still here in a living, breathing body, trying to do the best you can. I want to take a moment to honor your spirit of courage.

If your struggles have been hard and relentless, I want you to know that I see you. I care. You holding on gives me courage to do the same.

All your grief and sadness over how life has changed for us is real. Allow it room in your sacred heart. Also, allow the tiny moments of joy to be present. The same universe brings us both.

As 2020 rolls to a close and 2021 dawns, we'll still be here, doing the work of the Warriors of Light. My heart is so full that you're on the journey with me. Thank you for blessing me with your love. I bless you with mine.

Sending you my deepest gratitude,


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