How do I find my purpose?

How do I find my purpose?

"I just wish I knew my purpose!"

How often have you said this to yourself?

How many books and courses and podcasts have you consumed, hoping to find the answer?

How much anxiety do you experience because you've been trying to figure it out?

I understand because I've been there. Through my twenties and thirties, I knew I was here for a real purpose--but I had no idea what that purpose was. There was a part of me that wished the skies would open up and a booming voice would just declare: This is what you came here to do. Now go do it.

But nothing of the sort happened.

Here's what I didn't get. Something had to happen before I reconnected with my purpose.

I had to unlearn a lot of who I thought I was.

How do I find my purpose? This question was going to get me nowhere. I had to understand who I was not so that I could grow into who I was. I had to surrender beliefs and thoughts that had kept me safe and open to beliefs that aligned with what I came here to do.

My Soul's Blueprint showed me how to do that.

My Human Design chart is the graphic representation of my soul's blueprint. It showed me what was happening in the sky the moment I was born. Oh, like Astrology, you ask. Astrology is only one element of Human Design. There's so much more to it.

It showed me my:

  • strengths and gifts
  • shadows and conditioning
  • how I am meant to use my energy
  • how I am meant to make decisions
  • where I will find the most ease and success

I've been studying Human Design for close to two years--and it has changed every aspect of my life.

How I live, how I use my energy, make decisions, experience my emotions and stress and so much more. I'd love to guide you to uncover aspects of your design that you authentically YOU. Book your Human Design reading.

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