Are You Waiting for Others to Affirm You?

So often we wait for those we love, work with, or were born with to reflect back to us that we're enough, we have value, we are worthy of being loved. The problem with that approach: we're often looking to people who don't know how to affirm, respect, or love themselves.

I explain more in this video.


Are you looking to others to affirm you?

Posted by Uma Girish on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Doors are closing on the Soul Purpose Sisterhood. If you're keen to join, now is the time. If you're keen but need some help in figuring out if this is the right time or the right program, reach out to me.

I am committed to helping you make the best decision for YOU--even if that's NOT joining the program.


Program + Registration Details

Program enrollment closes on October 7 at 6 pm EST.

If you have any questions at all, email and ask me at I'm happy to help you make the decision that feels most aligned for you.

Much love,


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