Settling Into Our New Life in Essen

It's Day 5 of our new life in Essen, Germany. We've unpacked, put the stuff in our six suitcases away, and are slowly and steadily settling into our temporary apartment. Leaving the known and familiar to plunge into a country and a life where there are so many unknowns is both challenging and exciting.

The first time I walked into a supermarket here, the realization hit me. I couldn't read or understand a single label. That can be an alienating experience. When someone starts talking to me, the first thing I do is alert them that I don't speak German. When my husband and I are out walking or shopping, the air is thick with talking, laughing Germans and we're outside the circle.

It is also true that our landlords greeted us personally when we arrived at the apartment. They'd stocked the kitchen with everything from coffee, tea, beer, wine, and a list of nearby restaurants. I was in for a very pleasant moment when I opened the kitchen cabinet and spotted three spices Indians seldom cook without: turmeric, red chili powder, and garam masala. That, in my view, is going above and beyond. We were so touched.

Change is disorienting, confusing, and challenging, but also a wonderful opportunity for expansion. 

  • Every day, I am required to be patient, trust, and do the thing that's right in front of me.
  • I'm being asked to offer what I cannot control or change to the Divine.
  • I'm told to let go and sit comfortably in discomfort.

This is what the universe asks of us. Often we say "No, thank you. I think I can handle it better" and grab the reins back.

A dream to start life in a new country is not different than any other dream. It takes courage, hope, and surrender. All the ingredients you need to step into your purpose and create the dream life you desire.

As I keep learning more, I will share more. For now, just know that whatever you're dealing with is here to teach you something about yourself. It's calling a higher version of you to show up and speak up.

Sending you love...all the way from Essen!


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