Do You Feel Scared to Be You?

The Spiritual WarriorDo you feel like your past is holding you back? That you can't be who you want to be because of what happened to you? There's a voice inside you that screams: WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO...?

I used to be that person too.

I looked at powerful women like Oprah and Liz Gilbert and Dani Shapiro who were born into such ordinary lives. I marveled at how they'd turned their stories around to EMBODY their new self and share their message with the world.

I wanted to be like them.

But then a small, scared voice would pipe up in my head and say: You CAN'T BE THAT! THEY'RE SPECIAL. WHO ARE YOU???

And, for years, I believed that voice. I stayed small.

When my mother died in 2009, I knew that the world needed to hear my message of transformation. I committed to living up to my greatness, and fully step into my power. I began to live my life as a visionary.

I decided it was time to heal my past and turn my past into power and wisdom in my present.

Here's what I know to be true for YOU and ME:

  • We are all here on earth to learn how to become our best selves.
  • Our soul is on an eternal journey toward enlightenment.
  • Our life challenges, if we choose, are set up to empower us and lead us to a life of Spiritual Mastery.

The time is now. You have so much wisdom, just from living your life.  I am calling on you! The world is calling on YOU. And here's a wonderful first step. Listen and learn from 21 powerful women on how they overcame their past stories to speak their truth and serve their people.

Spiritual Warrior Interview Series

I've been invited to join 21 speakers on March 23rd for an upcoming FREE masterclass called “The Spiritual Warrior:  Become Your Truest Self by Transforming your Past into Power and Wisdom”

I'm excited to be a part of this FREE event. During the summit, you will learn valuable tools and hear inspiring stories so you can begin stepping into the true Spiritual Warrior you are!

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