My Bay Area Beginnings

Golden Gate BridgeIt’s exactly one week since we arrived in sunny San Francisco. A blur of a week because we’ve been apartment-hunting, car-shopping, and getting our bearings. I’m figuring out the Muni (tram) and ferry transits and it’s been an interesting experience after living in suburban Chicago and driving everywhere.

This is change we chose. Even though it’s change we chose, we’ve encountered struggles, bad days, and the exhaustion of a new learning curve. But sometimes when it comes to change we chose, we can treat ourselves harshly. Ever heard of the saying: You made your bed. Now you have to lay in it.

When we’ve grown used to doing things in the same way for many years, we begin to live in a familiar rut. I knew exactly how to get to my local library in Chicago, or what I’d be doing on Saturday mornings (I went to my writers' group). Everything in downtown San Francisco is new to me. I’m figuring things out. It takes time and I need to be patient with myself.

We’re living in temporary housing which is very comfortable BUT it’s not home. I made chickpea curry with three basic spices--turmeric, cumin seeds, and curry powder--instead of a bunch of aromatic spices. I miss my blender and morning smoothies. Also my comfy couch where I meditated every morning, and my library of books (I have less than a dozen books with me--the rest are in storage!). 

Not mindful of micro-climates, (there can be a 15-20 degree change in temperature between San Francisco and Alameda, which is a small town less than 15 miles away) I dressed in a fleece jacket to apartment-hunt in 88-degree weather (95 in a rental car!) and was exhausted by the end of the day. I’m learning...very quickly.

On the plus side, there are blessings galore.

  • The weather here is just perfect. I didn’t know sunshine could be just the right temperature day after day after day…
  • I love the ferry rides (even as jaded San Franciscans warn me that it gets old!).
  • I had the crispest, most delicious samosas at Zippy’s Burgers (wonders never cease!) If you’re wondering what a samosa is, it’s a fried Indian snack with savory filling usually mashed and spiced potatoes, onions, peas and fiery spices.
  • The wealth of natural beauty is absolutely stunning! I’ve never seen anything like it. Houses on hills surrounded by old trees and verdant foliage, blue waters of the Bay sparkling in the distance, and hiking trails in thickly wooded forests.

As I learn new things and look forward to the new friendships I make in this place I call my new home, I am trying to embrace it all. 

Sending you love and carrying you in my heart always!


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