When the Mind Doesn’t Know

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When the mind doesn’t know, it ratchets up your anxiety levels. The mind wants certainty at all costs. Make the journey from your mind to your heart.

It’s the longest journey you’ll ever make…and arguably the toughest. But it will be so worth it. I’m talking about the journey we all have to make as we travel from our head to our heart. From logic to letting go. From knowledge to wisdom. From figuring it all out to surrendering it.

Remember that time when you were little and you figured out a simple math problem? Or you managed to put a toy car together?

Remember that look of utter pride on your parent’s face? That my-daughter-is-a-genius look of pride?

That was the moment our addiction began.

We became addicted to that look of pride, joy, ownership. And we wanted to be the best at everything we did–just to see that look One More Time. To know that we were loved and cherished.

Our mind became our best friend in this quest.

We figured things out, became skilled at new tasks, and learned to be smart.

It felt good to be able to control our lives.

So we stayed up in our heads as adults because even more applause and awards came our way as we advanced in our lives. We were seen as ambitious, successful go-getters.

And then life happened. Life with a capital L. And we were stopped in our tracks. We just couldn’t figure it out, no matter how hard we tried.

  • “Why did he leave me when I did everything right?”
  • “Who am I and why am I here?”
  • “If I’m smart enough, why am I not able to figure this out?!”
  • “Why did I never see that she was unhappy enough to take her own life?.”
  • “Why didn’t I see this coming?”

Our mind cannot figure these things out. When the mind doesn’t know it grapples in confusion.

Our mind only has the conditioning we grew up with. It knows what your parents have taught you and what you’ve taught yourself. We need to turn to the wisdom of our hearts with our great, unsolvable questions.

This thing called Inner Guidance, that is what knows your answers.

It takes a while for us to get this. How to tune out the mind and tune into our heart.

  • Your mind always speaks from fear; your heart speaks from love.
  • Your mind will remind you of all the ways you’ll embarrass yourself if you don’t get something right; your heart will simply whisper try it.
  • Your mind will work itself up trying to find an equation, an easy way out for immediate relief; your heart will wait patiently for things to unfold.

This is one of the most important things I teach in my Spiritual mentoring program. Because when you finally know how to go to your heart for answers and wisdom, it is the end of overwhelm, stress, and confusion.

Human Design says the mind is not meant to make decisions. It is the body that knows. Learn more about the part of you that is meant to make your decisions through a Human Design Blueprint reading.

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