Is Guilt Bullying You?

several fingers pointing at the word guilty written in red within two red circles

Remember that big bully on the school playground who called you names? Who made you feel small and stupid? Like you could never do anything without making a horrible mistake?

Guilt is a bully.

It does to you the exact same thing that the playground bully did.

  • It makes you feel small and stupid.
  • It makes you feel like a big mistake. 
  • It makes you second-guess every decision you make. 

You've spent a good portion of your life feeling and playing small. Because guilt has you trapped in its vice-like grip. 

Well, it's time to stand up and say No More to it.

You don't want to live the rest of your life wondering:

  • Did I do the wrong thing by not taking a second medical opinion?
  • Should I have been more understanding with my son and not pushed him away?
  • Why did I leave the room for those five minutes...and my mom died?
  • How can I protect my boundaries and not get drawn into the dramas of my dysfunctional family?

This is why I'm offering a free online training Guilt Is A Bully: Stand Up and Say No More to it.

It's on April 25 (Thu) at 5 pm CST/ 6 EST/ 3 PST

Guilt is the number one problem my grieving clients present with.

And there are so many questions in your head:

1) Is guilt useful or is it just a wasted emotion?

2) Why do I feel guilty all the time?

3) How do I get over my constant guilt?

All these questions will be answered in my training. It's FREE.

Sign up for my free training here: Guilt Is A Bully Free Training

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