How I Say Yes to What I Want

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Do you struggle to say yesto what you want?

Do you feel like you want to invest in something, but maybe the time’s not right?

Are you overthinking whether it is worth making the investment or not?

Is there a battle going on between your heart and your head — and you just can’t decide?

Trust me. I’ve been there.

When I’m in that place, I ask a lot of good questions. Then I listen to my inner wisdom and make an informed decision. I want you to do the same.

Many of you have written to me asking about this new community I’m starting. So here are all your questions answered.

1. What is the Awakening Souls community?

The ASC is a membership site for those of you who want to go deeper into your soul’s journey. The first season of grief is about coping with loss; the second season is about growing through loss. This community will be a place where you have resources to help you do that. 

2. What do I receive when I become a member?

  • One 60-minute group call with me every month where I teach and you get to ask me questions
  • Interviews with guest experts on topics related to past lives, the afterlife, soul contracts, soul values, life purpose work, creating a vision and a legacy for your life, and much more
  • Short video lessons 
  • Recorded meditations
  • A private Facebook group where you meet your soul tribe: women just like you who have been changed by loss and want to find a deeper meaning to their life
  • And more resources added as I am guided

3. What are my payment options?

You have two payment options:

  • $33 every month for 12 months, OR
  • $270 which is a one-time Annual Fee (a saving of $126)

No matter which option you choose, you get lifetime access to all of the content created for the first year that you’re enrolled.

4. What can I expect from the Facebook group?

I’ve been working with grieving women long enough to know this: when you experience a loss, some old friendships fall away very quickly, and you’re left feeling alone and friendless. Or, you belong to online groups where you find the conversation to be depressing. It’s more about the pain and agony of the loss, and not focused enough on ways to understand, grow, evolve, and find meaning through what happened. The latter is what you’ll find this in our Facebook group. New friends who are able to meet you where you are. New conversations and directions to grow and explore. In short, your soul community.

5. Am I locked in for a whole year once I choose the monthly-pay option?

I don’t like being locked into anything, so I would never do that to you. I would, of course, love to create a community where we develop long-lasting bonds, but you’re free to leave whenever you choose to.

6. How is this community different from your Facebook group Transform Pain Into Purpose?

Transform Pain Into Purpose is my free Facebook group for women who are grieving all kinds of losses. I’ve been running the group for close to two years. The Awakening Souls community is a subscription-based membership site. You’ll access all the content I create through a password-protected site; you’ll interact with fellow members in the Awakening Souls Facebook Group.

Think of this community as your one-stop resource for everything you need to live a life according to your soul’s wisdom.

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