Overconsuming…And How It’s Costing You

a woman whose back view we have in a meditation pose with her elbows on her knees, facing a sunrise and a palm tree.

How is overconsuming information online costing you?

When we’re trying to heal from loss, we’re looking for answers. Answers to everything from why we’re feeling the way we are to, how to minimize stress, how to sleep better, meditations, yoga nidra, yada, yada, yada.

There’s an abundance of information out there. YouTube videos, blog posts (like this one), free and paid classes, articles, podcasts…

So you consume and you consume and you consume some more.

And soon your head is spinning with confusion. You follow this person and that person and follow the trail of a free download and the promise of a 5-step formula to cure whatever’s wrong with you.

Been there, done that. Guilty as charged.

And yet, your life hasn’t improved. Your problems are still giving you sleepless nights. You’re beat.

What if you could go to one place, an online library where you could find everything you’re looking for?

  • Meditations
  • Guided visualizations
  • Guest interviews
  • Checklists
  • A free monthly class
  • A private Facebook Soul Community

This is exactly what I’m creating for you in the Awakening Souls Community. Your soul tribe online with resources to grow through loss, heal, and serve the world through your gifts.

It’s a subscription-based community where for $33 a month you get my individual attention and all that I’m creating for you.

Note: You’re not locked in. I want you to stay only if you want to stay. You can opt out at any time. But if you stay for 12 months you have lifetime access to all the goodies in the membership area.

I’d love to support you and see you grow. I want to see you heal and have a purpose. I’d love to see you on the inside.

Learn more about the Awakening Souls Community

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