Frustrated trying to figure out your Life Purpose?

Don’t you wish you knew your life purpose so that you could just get on with it?!

Most people I know are trying everything they can to find out what it is they’re supposed to be doing…and feeling frustrated. What they don’t realize is that they’re missing one crucial piece of information.

You don’t have to “find” your purpose. You were born with it.

As soon as we arrive here as little babies, life begins to load us with layer after layer after layer of information and conditioning.

  • This is who you’re supposed to be in the real world.
  • This is what you’re supposed to be doing if you want to succeed.
  • This is how you’ll fail if you don’t play by the rules.

In navigating this earthly experience, we forget what we really came here to do.

When we suffer a loss, life reminds us. We wake up. I need to remember something important that I came here to do.

That’s when our search for life purpose begins. The process of peeling back one layer after another begins.

It often starts with a question: Why isn’t my life working?

We’ll be talking about all this and much more in my workshop Transform Your Pain into Purpose. Don’t forget to sign up! Walk-ins are welcome too.

In this workshop, your soul will open to:

  • the meaning of suffering and how you can bow down to it and let it teach you
  • how we hold on to our suffering and let it block our growth
  • your ego’s agenda versus your soul’s agenda and which one will help you create the life you want
  • the 3 big Life Questions and why they’re the only questions that matter
  • how to discover your purpose through your pain


  • waking up in the morning with a joyful heart
  • seeing your pain as a gift in your life
  • knowing that you’re here to serve YOUR purpose
  • making a real difference in the lives of others
  • doing work you absolutely love
  • showing others the path to their best life

Date: January 5, 2019 (Sat.)

Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Venue: Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Center, 109 West Slade Street St #200 Palatine IL 60067

Fee: $30

CALL 847-221-5250 or sign up here to book your spot!

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